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Sugar Addiction, Scourge Of The 21st Century!

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Sugar Addiction


Sugar addiction not only acts just like cocaine addiction.  The two substances look almost the same.  Both are killers.  But when it comes to numbers of addicts, sugar is miles ahead of cocaine.

So what is so terrible about sugar?  It is present in virtually every item of food we eat.  What’s worse, most of it is chemically engineered.  These are unnatural foods and there is no definition by which it can be classified as edible.

Several studies have suggested chemical salts and sugars are highly toxic.  It is certainly highly addictive.  It is hard to imagine that any chemical can ever be referred to as a digestible food.

The looming suspicion of course is that these chemicals are added to our food not to improve the taste, but to get us addicted to processed foods.  At least that has proved to be the result until now.

A harsh statement, but well deserved given that well over 60% of the population is already addicted to food and sugar is the leading cause. Estimates suggest that this will reach 86% by 2030.

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The Food Industry


To listen to the food industry: There is no such thing as Food Addiction. The diet and weight loss industry will second that.  Within the industries, it is generally referred to as a “selective eating disorder”.

The reason for that is simple.  A selective eating disorder is a mental condition that requires long term therapy and medication. Blame is invariably placed on those who have the condition.

Food addiction on the other hand, is like any other addiction.  It is physical and can be cured in a relatively short time.  It should rightly be blamed on the food industry who created it.

The food industry has founded their business on an addiction, based on processed foods. Obviously, the last thing they want is to be exposed as the purveyors of an addiction.

Like the tobacco industry, they rely on addicts to spread the addiction to each generation. It guarantees their success long into the future.

It is easy to see the food industry in action.  We need only take a walk down the aisles of any supermarket in the world and study their methods and progress.

But are we sure sugar addiction is real?  Let’s examine the known symptoms: Sugar cravings, binges, hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, allergies,headaches and other pains.

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Addicted To Sugar

The deadly consequences of sugar addiction are even more alarming:  Morbid obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease, strokes, colon and bowel cancer.

Less serious are Alzheimer’s disease and premature ageing.  They take a lot longer to kill you.  Are we really prepared to sit back and let a ruthless industry prey on our kids and destroy our lives?

We don’t have to. There is an easy solution to both your sugar addiction and your weight problems.  The two go hand in hand. One can’t exist without the other.

Weight gains are caused by our addiction.  The addiction makes us hungry for addictive foods. That makes us eat more.  When we eat more we reinforce the addiction and eat even more.

We begin to get hunger pains and food cravings. Binge eating follows.  We are in a trapped in our sugar addiction as surely as any drug addict.  But unlike drug addition, there is no help ready,

But there is a way to cure any food addiction, including sugar addiction.  The most amazing consequence of curing your sugar addiction is that you’ll automatically lose all your weight.

Your own body has been longing for you to do that. It will help you get the result you have always wanted.  The most exciting thing about that is that you’ll only have to do it once.

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