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Sugar Addiction? Who’s Your Sugar Daddy Now!


Sugar Addiction

sugar addiction

Sugar addiction!

The demon drink: war on sugar | Life and style | The Observer

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sugar addiction

Sugar addiction!

Our sugar addiction is linked to obesity, cancer and heart disease.  Soft drinks are among the worst offenders. Alex Renton reports on the new health war, and reveals why some fruit juices may be as bad for you as 

Sugar addiction may seem like a Candyland!

But to those who live in the real world of sugar addiction.  There is nothing sweet about it. If they are not already obese, they soon will be.  They suffer addictive behaviors like binge eating and cravings.  They like to call it a sweet tooth.  But in reality, it’s more like an infected molar. And it’s in charge of their food addiction.

But it is harmless – right?  When is the last time you heard an addiction referred to as harmless.  Apart from tooth decay- which may seem harmless.  It causes obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  These are deadly diseases that are killing people right now.

sugar addiction

Sugar addiction!

Why should you care?  You just enjoy a bit of sweets now and then!  If you crave those sweets and binge on them.  Then I hate to break it to you. – But you are an addict. No  Addiction, including sugar addiction disappears. If you cut down or go on a diet.  Like any addiction, it has to be cured.

Curing sugar addiction, as opposed to drugs, tobacco and alcohol, has a huge advantage:

You may lose your taste for sugar.  But you will gain a weight loss beyond your wildest expectations.  You see, not only will all the weight be gone.  But unlike a weight loss diet, the weight will never return.  What does that mean in real terms?  No more counting calories.  No more starving yourself.  No more watching the scales.  No more cravings and late night binges.  You will return to a life that till forty years ago, was completely normal.  But what I’m sure you’ll agree is even more important.  You will save your children from the same fate.

sugar addiction

Sugar addiction!

I’m not going to tell you it is easy.  But the toughest thing is not the cure.  it’s the culture that surrounds you.  A culture that constantly tries to indoctrinate you. That wants you to believe diets are normal and healthy.  That only dieting will keep you slim.  And only a ‘diet expert’ knows the right types of food.  They will advice you to include processed foods in your diet.

sugar addiction

Sugar addiction!

The human body has not changed for hundreds of thousands of years.  We may think we change when we change our looks and appearance.  But nothing changes inside, where the really important stuff goes on.  Sadly we have lost the connection to our body.  It gave us the instincts to know the right food from the wrong food.  We need to get it back.

The one thing we must realize is that our body has not evolved to handle manufactured food.  It is fake, processed food and it is highly addictive.  The fact is our body does not adapt. It evolves.  As we evolved, a diet evolved with us.  You might say it was a diet designed for our body.  it was made up of natural foods created by nature.

sugar addiction

Sugar addiction!

We gave up those foods forty years ago, over a false media scare campaign about cholesterol. Instead we were coerced and pushed into a diet that became known as the Food Pyramid. A diet that included fake processed foods.  A diet that is an exact reversal or our traditional, natural diet.

What was so terrible about that?  So far, it has cost us our lean healthy bodies.  Our good health and our ability to look after our own diet.  Do you have a sugar addiction?  Then who’s your sugar daddy now!

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