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Sweet Tooth deserves No Brownies!

Sweet Tooth!

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Sweet Tooth

How Britain developed its sweet tooth | Life and style | The Guardian http://www.theguardian.comSat, 07 Sep 2013 07:02:00 GMT The average UK adult consumes 30kg of sugar a year, not just in sweets and soft drinks but in foods such as bread and yoghurt.

There is nothing sweet about A Sweet Tooth!

A sweet tooth denotes something cute, childlike and adoring!

In reality, a sweet tooth is anything but.  Those who have cravings for sweets and have binges, have a sugar addiction.  There is nothing cute about that. Sugar addiction has been likened to a cocaine addiction.  They look the same and the symptoms are the same: cravings binges, hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, allergies,headaches and other pains. There is no such thing as a cute, innocent addiction.  Sugar addiction is probably the most common food addiction.  It is responsible for the obesity epidemic.  An emerging epidemic of diabetes type 2.  A massive increase in heart disease, colon and bowel cancer. The combined food addictions threaten our lives and are beginning to kill people. We are re-living the tobacco controversy of the 80’s and 90’s.  Like the tobacco industry, the food industry claim their products are harmless, even healthy.  Like the tobacco industry, they grow and profit on the back of our addiction.  The fact is, the human body is not designed to adapt to manufactured, processed foods.  That’s because it doesn’t adapt, it evolves. Our body has not yet evolved to process artificially produced foods.  Given the speed of evolution, it is unlikely it ever will. How does the food industry get away with promoting a deadly addiction?  Exactly the same way the tobacco industry has gotten away with the same thing for a hundred years. There is no more successful business than one that thrives on an addiction.  Because the food industry are purveyors of our addiction, they have grown into massive, powerful corporations.  They are not ruled by governments. They support governments and advise them. To any government, big business, including the growers of tobacco and grain, are a lot more important than you and me. So how do we get them off our back?  We learn the right types of food, not for us, but for our body.  We cure our addiction.  We lose the weight, this time for good.  And we prepare our children for a diet free, healthy future.  It sounds easy, but is it?  Not initially.  But I assume you have suffered many years of struggle with your weight and addiction and you didn’t know why. sweet tooth  Learning the truth makes everything crystal clear.  Knowing that you’ll never have to diet again.  That your kids will never get fat.  That you’ll all live longer healthier lives.  And that the only cost is a short period of restriction.  It will seem a very small price to pay.  You will finally take control of your weight and your food choices.  You will understand your food and know precisely what it does.  It’s easy, everyone used to do it by instinct.  You can too once you understand it. So don’t give your kids a sweet tooth, give them a sweeter longer life instead.  You can learn more here:

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