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What Are Carbs? The 14 Deadly Lies!

 What Are Carbs? 

what are carbs

Here are 14 lies we tell about what are carbs!

addicted to carbs

Addicted to carbs?

The lies about what are carbs are designed to protect and promote processed foods made of carbohydrates.  This is to perpetuate the myth that carb foods are our main source of energy food.  Maybe you are already a victim of myths about carbohydrates!  So who are the people who promote the lies? They are  breakfast cereal foods, snack food and energy food manufacturers as well as various diet experts.  That also includes  non-medical professionals like nutritionists and diet Guru’s. They all owe their success to our addiction to processed carbohydrates.  Sugar addiction is the most common example

the spread of carbs

The spread of carbs!

1. A diet is essential to a healthy lifestyle! Wrong. Our body is not designed for dieting.  It can’t tell the difference between a diet and a Famine.

 2. Our body adapts to whatever types of food we chose! 


Wrong: Our body does not adapt to anything, it evolves. Evolution takes centuries

3. We need to improve our health by improving on our energy food.

Wrong. Food is not medicine.  We either eat healthy, or we do not. If we’re healthy there is nothing to improve. If we are not healthy, – We need advice from a qualified doctor.

what are carbs

What are carbs?

4. We need to eat a balanced diet.

Wrong: A balanced diet is just a catchphrase.  We need to eat the types of food our body understands and has evolved to process.

 5. We gain weight because we don’t stick to a diet or we refuse to diet at all!

Wrong: People began to diet when they began to get fat.  They got fat because they were coerced to eat the wrong diet.

6. We gain weight because we can’t stick to a diet!

Wrong: We gain weight because we are addicted to the types of food recommended by food manufacturers and self-elected experts.

7. We are fat because we eat too much!

what are carbs

What are carbs?

Wrong: We are fat because we eat fake, processed carb foods.  We do it because we are addicted to them.

8. We get fat because we eat fast food!

Wrong: Our biggest risk of obesity comes from all the processed carb foods we store in our pantry.

9. We are fat because we eat too much fat.

Wrong: The fact is; we eat way more carbohydrates than we can use for fuel.  Our body cant store excess fuel.  It’s forced to convert it to body fat.  That’s the fat that makes us fat.

10. A low fat or low calorie diet helps us lose weight!

Wrong:  The human body is programmed to respond to famines not to diets.  But it cannot tell the difference.   To your body, low fat and low calorie diets are famines. When you return to normal food, your body begins to recover the weight you lost.  It will finally add an extra layer of fat to protect you against the next famine.  Therefore, every diet will make you a bit fatter than you were when you began.  That’s nature!

what are carbs

What are Carbs?

 11. Diet’s today are a great improvement on diets in the past.

Wrong: Very few people dieted till forty years ago. Yet, most were lean and healthy. Today’s diets have turned 60% of the population into fat, unhealthy food addicts.

 12. Today’s diet is much healthier than diets were in the past

what are carbs

What are carbs?

Wrong: There were no diets in the past. Except the traditional foods that had evolved with us for centuries. Today’s diets are based on Carbohydrates. They are the cause of our obesity statistics and they are largely responsible for diabetes type 2. 13. The Pyramid diet has proved of great benefit over the years. Wrong: The Pyramid Diet and all the diets that have followed, are the cause of obesity, diabetes type 2 and a food addiction that is destroying our lives.  None of these diseases existed forty years ago.

 14. Diets today are based on solid science, research and extensive tests.

Wrong. Diets today are fabrications by people who lack any medical or scientific qualifications or skills. A diet is a front seat ticket to a lifetime of addiction. What best describes Our Most Fundamental Problem?

 Simple: We Are Eating The Wrong Food. It’s food  our body does not understand!

 How do we prove that?

Our own body tells us on a daily basis.  By causing gastric, digestive and intestinal issues like Indigestion, Heart burn, Reflux etc

Knowing what are carbs is crucial to good health and longevity!

what are carbs

What are carbs?

True, but morbid obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease, colon and bowel cancers do kill people –every day. These are all diet related diseases. Diets are an invitation to diseases that will at best; speed up your ageing process and shorten your life .  At worst, they will kill you!

 So What are carbs?

Video Interview With Gary Taubes This video is about good calories, bad calories and why we are all getting fat.

what are carbs

What are carbs?

Why is it so important to know what are carbs?

Human beings  evolved with traditional foods.  It changed as we changed, slowly, over the centuries. More than forty years ago, some people decided to create a new diet. They wanted a niche on the fringe of medicine.  The quickest, easiest way to get a brand new diet, was to simply reverse the old one. The new diet became known as the Food Pyramid.

What are carbs

What are carbs?

It was launched as the only remedy to a world-wide, fake, cholesterol scare campaign. We must cure our addiction and put our metabolism and digestive system back to work.  Only then will our body be able to do the job it was designed to do:  Keep us healthy and control and balance our weight. Do you want to learn more.  There is a lot of text and a couple of videos on the link below.  I hope you enjoy this important information about what are carbs! 

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