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Lose Body Fat For Good!


Lose Body Fat!

how is body fat made


We need to know how to lose body fat?

lose body fat

Lose body fat!

Getting rid of belly fat and to lose body fat for good, is it possible?   Today’s, diet food, is often called healthy food.  Diets are never healthy. They are an unhealthy combination of small amounts of natural carbohydrates, a sizable amount of manufactured, processed foods.  A small amount of protein foods and almost no fat.  These are not the energy foods that evolved with us through history.  They are certainly not the healthy foods that got us to the twentieth century.  If we don’t get our facts straight about protein foods and body fat, we may not survive this century.

body fat

Around twenty years ago, the Food Pyramid and other carbohydrate based diets, had begun to lose credibility. It had become obvious that most people were dieting and nobody lost weight for good.  In fact, they were getting fatter. The food industry was quick to respond.  They looked around for new types of food on which to build a new range of  products.


They knew  Protein foods were not suitable for manufacture.  But now carbohydrates were under suspicion. That left only one thing, – Fat!  The food industry had a brilliant idea.  Instead of creating fat products, with limited appeal. They could campaign to demonize fat products. This left a wide open gap for ‘low fat’ and fat free products that could be sold as healthy food.

It was one of the best con jobs in recent memory,  It promoted the adage “If you eat fat you get fat, and if you eat less fat you lose fat”.  It is very compelling, But it is simply not true.  Our body fat does not come from the fat we eat.  That fat is digested and processed along with the rest of our food.  Body fat has only one source. Our own body.  Our body manufactures body fat from all the processed foods we have not used to burn energy. The more processed carbohydrates we eat, the fatter we get.

Our body creates body fat from the excess carbohydrates we eat, but are unable to use.  That’s because we lack the energy to do so.  Our energy comes from protein foods and we don’t eat enough of those.  Our body is not designed to store either carbohydrates or glucose.  It is forced to convert it to body fat.  That’s what happens to all those carb foods we love to eat.  They get stored on our hips belly and thighs.  They clog our arteries and nestle around our vital organs.

 body fat

body fat!

In other words, the more carbohydrates we eat the fatter and more unhealthy we get.  The fat we eat has nothing to do with body fat.   But it is a seductive concept that despite repeated criticism, has continued to be promoted by the food industry.  Hardly a week goes by, that we don’t see at least one new low fat product on the shelves. Claiming to be a fat free or low fat  product.

 What to do to lose body fat?

The truth about the fat we eat is that it is what flavors our food.  Remove it and we remove the flavor.  Without fat our food becomes bland, even inedible.  Any food labelled low fat, no fat,  or light.  Has been drained of natural flavor.  The flavor has been replaced by chemicals like color agents chemical salts and sugars and trans fats.  They are there to add flavor to an otherwise tasteless food.  In other other words, you have avoided a perfectly healthy food and replaced it with unnatural, processed food that is addictive and makes us fat.

Getting rid of belly fat is not that hard. Cure your food addiction and you will lose body fat for good.


body fat

body fat ?

Fat, or rather the lack of it,  has become big business, just as carb foods were and still are.   Carbohydrates are back in favor. We now have two diet tracks on which to travel. Both cancel any chance of a healthy lifestyle.  Both Low carbohydrates and low fat diets send us to an early grave.

Fat is a healthy food as long as it comes from the natural food that’s preferred by our body.

Bad fat comes from the excess, processed carbohydrates that we do not have the energy to burn.   The reason?  We eat way too much of it.  We can’t stop eating it because we are addicted to it.  It doesn’t help that we are probably not getting enough protein foods.  That’s the only food that can give us the energy we need to burn the excess carbohydrates.  There is an irony in that!

Can you lose body fat for good!

Fat  is an essential  food for a healthy body.  For at least 70,000 years, our diet was based on protein foods.  Proteins were known as ‘the building blocks of life’.  Without protein foods, we can’t exist.  They provide us with energy.  The build and repair our bones, skin, muscles, tissue and organs.   Processed carbohydrates make us fat, addicted, lethargic and they shorten our life. They didn’t even exist in our diet till forty years ago.  Natural Carbohydrates were a part of our diet when they were available.  We can survive without them.  We have done it often, throughout history.  Times like famines, harsh winters and yes, even an Ice Age.

So remember: Body fat is made from carbohydrates, not from proteins or fat.

We don’t lose body fat  by not eating the fat on our plate.  We will only lose it when we deprive our body of carbohydrates and thereby forcing it to draw on the stored reserves of body fat for energy. But before that will ever happen, you will need to cure your food addiction and  learn  how to lose body fat.

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