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High Protein Diet Plan!


High protein diet Plan!

high protein diet plan

high protein

High protein!

The Facts about a  high protein diet plan. Have a hint of  conspiracy about them.  Conspiracies are almost always about two things; power and money.  If this was a conspiracy. It would be about the free choice between two types of food.   Both claim to be a the only healthy option.  One offers a high protein diet.  Compliments of nature.  The other is a diet based on human made foods.  Compliments of the food industry.  A high protein diet will build and repair our skin, bones, muscles, tissue and organs.  It’s the type of food our internal body has been designed to process and we cannot exist without it.  

high protein diet plan

High protein diet plan!

A diet based on manufactured processed foods. Like sugar, pasta bread etc.  Cause food cravings and food binges.  It is a food addiction by any other name. So why is the most recommended diet today. Still based on fake, processed foods?  Why is food addiction being called an eating disorder.  Or compulsion.  Instead of what it really is. An addiction.  An obsession, or an eating disorder. Are treated as mental conditions. These require long term therapy.  An addiction is a physical condition. That requires a short term cure.

It’s not the length of the treatment. Or of the cure,  that is at stake.  It’s the implications.  With therapy we continue to eat our usual food.  But a cure for addiction. Requires we change to non-addictive types of food.  These do not include processed foods.  In other words.  If we cure our food addiction. We cut the food industry out of the picture.  Food addicts are their bread and butter.

We are talking about, arguably.  The biggest, most powerful industry in the world.   So now you’ll understand. Why the words; food addiction.  Are words few people dare to mention. It is the reason we are forced to accept false, misleading information.  Why a high protein diet plan is called dangerous.  And why more an more of us. Continue to get fat, obese and unhealthy.




When we talk about the food industry products. We call them carb foods.  But they are not real carbohydrates.   Not the fresh healthy fruits and vegetables.  That nature provides. Foods that were always part of our: High protein diet plan.  Fake processed carb foods are not real food. They are highly processed fake food products.  That include breakfast cereals, sugar foods, snack foods, diet foods, fast foods and sweets. These are foods that can’t be used in a high protein diet plan.  They are not suited to our body.  Although they have caused our food addiction.  They appeal to our taste buds.  And we can’t stop eating them.  Why?  We are addicted to them.

lacking high protein

Lacking high protein!

Somewhere, between these two extremes.  We find the food industry’s victims.  They are the people who have not yet learned. That they need a high protein diet plan.  They still believe the industry line: That a high protein diet plan, is dangerous. They suffer from sugar addiction, pasta addiction. Or some other processed foods addictions.  They are killing themselves with food.  They do it because they are addicted.  Food addiction leads to food cravings, binge eating and purges.  They also lead to obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  This is not a harmless addiction.  It is already killing people.  Right now, probably more people than drugs can kill.

But can we adapt?  Of course we can’t!  We are locked into evolution.  We never adapt, we evolve!

high protein v carbohydrates

High protein v carbohydrates!

Just as the tobacco industry has always done. The food industry happily promote products they know to be highly addictive.  Their entire business is built on the addiction.  Not only do they profit from food addiction.  They caused it.  They rely on their food addicts to pass on the addiction to the next generation.  Their own children.  Without food addiction.  There would scarcely be a market for the food industry to supply.

What are the facts about a high protein diet plan?

For forty years, we have been under severe pressure.  To starve ourselves and our children of protein foods.  The fact is. A a high protein diet plan is crucial to our health and survival!  The lack of protein. Can be seen in our obesity epidemic.  Even among our kids. A looming epidemic of diabetes type 2, is closing in.  And our threat of heart disease, colon and bowel cancer. Has never been greater.

How does the food industry get away with it?  They have many weapons in their arsenal.  Starting with their own in-house “research facilities”.   There they conduct ‘research’ to validate their products and claims.  They produce a constant flow of misinformation. It’s present in their advertising. On their product packaging. And on the internet.  It is used by ‘diet experts’.  Who seek advice they can pass on to their customers.

high protein plan v carb foods

high protein plan v carbfoods

Manufactured food products are always colorful.  They are aimed at children. “If they ‘get them young. They’ve got them forever – right?   The product packaging presents addictive foods.  As fun, benign and cute.  “Who doesn’t love sugar”  “chocolate is irresistible!  “A few cookies can’t hurt anyone.” Nobody wants to hear about a high protein diet plan.   So for the sake of a fair and balanced report.  Here is a list of symptoms.  They are experienced by those who suffer from a sugar addiction. Or from any other food addiction.

Symptoms include: ” Cravings, binges, hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, strokes, depression, alzheimer’s disease, premature aging, anxiety, headaches and other pains.”

Since the cereal and snack food corporations. Claim to employ scientists to invent carb based products.  I think we can assume they know what they are doing.  They should therefore be held responsible.  Their aim is to create substitute fake food products.  They aim to replace all healthy protein foods.  And all other natural foods. This will leave fake, processed foods as the winners.  The industry will be safe. There’ll be no high protein diet plan. Fake processed foods. Will be our only food choice.  This strategy is obvious in any supermarket.  There we see most aisles filled with fake foods.  Fresh, natural foods.  Are gradually being eased out the door.  In fact, you’ll usually find the nearest the exit.  When they are gone.  So is our chance to get lean and healthy.  With a high protein diet plan.



All this would be acceptable if processed carb foods. Has essential health properties. Like our natural foods do.  But they do not.  Carb foods have no health properties.  They are our body’s favorite source of fuel.  Can we live without it?  Of course.  Our body can always use fat or protein. Should it run out of  carbohydrates.  We can live without carbohydrates.  We have done it many times.  We survived an ice age.  Countless harsh winters and many deadly famines without carb foods.  The Eskimos have thrived without it for centuries!

So what are the facts about a high protein diet plan v carb foods?

We get our energy from protein foods.  Proteins are known as the building blocks of life.  They build and repair our skin, bones, muscles, tissue and organs.  Without a high protein diet plan, we’re dead.   As for carbohydrates.  Our body breaks down all carb foods to glucose.  Glucose is liquid sugar.  It is used for fuel.  When our body has some energy to spend.

If we haven’t stored up on protein foods, we won’t have much energy to spend.  That means we’ll have some leftover fuel.   Our body can’t store excess glucose.  It is forced to convert it to body fat.  Think about that:  If we eat more carbohydrates.  Than we can use for fuel.  It’ll end up as body fat.   That’s why everybody is getting fat.  If we eat less carbohydrates than we need for fuel.  Our body will use fat or protein instead. And convert them to glucose.  The fact is, the more excess carb foods we eat, the fatter we get!

facts about a high protein diet plan

A high protein diet plan provides the building blocks of life!

But does the food industry really tell lies?   You be the judge.  It is beyond absurdity to claim that carbohydrates give us energy.  That goes against natural laws.  All carbohydrates can do.  Is provide the fuel. When we have the energy to spend.  Energy comes from eating a high protein diet plan.  It is a lie to say: Breakfast cereal can be high protein rich foods.  Or that packaged foods. Brought to us from a factory. Can be Natural!

If you remove all carb foods from any breakfast cereal.  You’ll be left with some chemicals, salts, sugars, trans fats and perhaps a dusting of synthetic protein.  As the saying goes: ” A rose is a rose by any other name. ” That also goes for carbohydrates.  This is a conspiracy.  Because it hides the facts about why we need a high protein diet plan.   The manufacturers rely on consumers, to trust their misleading ads.  They are not seeking customers .  They are looking for people. Who they can turn into food addicts.  Every new addicted family. Represents a fresh generation of addicts.

Since processed carb foods began to infiltrate our food chain.  We have seen the population grow from a majority of slim, healthy people to a majority of fat, unhealthy people.  This is not a fluke.  It’s part of a cleverly designed marketing strategy.  It’s based on our addiction to food. And designed  to present carb foods as the dominant food for the human diet.  The industry has learned a lot from cigarette manufacturers.  For example: Instead of a low tar cigarette. They brought out a low carb diet.

Food manufacturers are happy for you to diet and lose weight.  They have many products to help you along.  They already know diets won’t help you. They can’t. Our body won’t let them.   They know their future is safe. As long as we are addicted to their products.  As long as we are addicted. They know we’ll pass our addiction to your children.  Probably without knowing.

a high protein diet plan v fast food

A high protein diet plan v fast food!

So far, sugar addiction and other carb food addictions. Have caused us great damage.  They are responsible for an obesity epidemic. And Diabetes type 2. That’s an epidemic waiting just around the corner.   With a little investigating.  You can confirm we now have the highest ever rates of heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  Alarmist?  If only….

People blame fast food.  Don’t believe it.  Fast food is just one small part of a huge problem.  People eat cereal and snack foods every day.  They give it to the kids.  The average home pantry.  Is bursting with addictive, processed food products.   It is clear that the manufactured food industries, along with their minion of diet experts.  Are no different to the tobacco industry.

They’re willing to transmit the most widespread.  Damaging addiction ever known.  They will happily continue to grow and expand their business.  You can’t hope to stop that.  But you can stop it at your own front door.  Learning the facts about a high protein diet plan.  And what you can do about it. Is a pretty good start!  Read about the membership here:


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