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Thank You for joining Fast Track Coaching!

Welcome To Your Fast Track Coaching Course!

I congratulate you for making this commitment. You have ensured that not only will you lose your weight problems permanently.  You will do it in the fastest possible time.  The methods used in this course are extremely effective.  The first week is preparation. The 2nd week will introduce two unique methods that will literately put your weight loss on steroids.   These are tools you’ll have  for the rest of your life.  If you have children and they are old enough, you will want them to have the benefit of your knowledge.

You’ll probably only need to use these tools once.  That was my experience.  But it’s a great feeling of comfort, to know that you have the tools and knowledge necessary, should you ever succumb to temptation.  I never have, but I frequently remind myself of my back up tools.  To someone who went through 20 years of constant weight problems, feeling like a helpless victim.  Having a BackUp system, is a genuine feeling of freedom.  You know that whatever happens, you’re in control.


To receive your 6 Fast Track Modules you need to subscribe to the Course below. You’ll receive the  first Fast Track module in your email box right after you have subscribed. The remaining 5 modules will arrive in your email box on the same day each week thereafter.





Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or encounter a problem.  As you know, with each module there’s a 20 minute one on one time with me.

Before we meet each week, make sure you contact me in Skype so we can set a time for our meeting. It’s best to have the sessions after you have been through the module.  You’ll have more questions then and we’ll have more to talk about. Just make sure our meetings take place before you start the next module.

Enjoy the weight loss, I can’t wait to hear about your results.

Best Wishes

Kirsten Plotkin




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