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How To Lose Body Fat Fast?


 How To Lose Body Fat?

how to lose body fat

L How to lose body fat!

Finding out how to lose body fat can be hard to pin down!

To learn how to lose body fat and how to eliminate the weight problems we accumulate: There are 3 basic types of foods we need to understand.

fresh and processed carbohydrate

Fresh and processed carbohydrate!

  • First there’s protein food.  Protein foods build and repair our skin, bones, muscles tissue and organs.  It is Protein foods that provide us with energy.  Without protein foods we do not exist!
  • Carbohydrates foods are divided into natural good carbohydrates and bad, processed carbohydrates.   Good carbohydrates are nature’s own fresh produce.  When available, it has been part of our diet for centuries.  Processed carbohydrates were introduced to our everyday diet around forty years ago.  That’s when we were tricked into reversing our traditional foods.  Processed carbohydrates did not exist at all till the twentieth century.  They are not necessary to our health, or compatible to our body.  Processed carbohydrates are highly addictive and have already caused an obesity epidemic.
  • What is healthy food, and how to reduce body fat is not to be confused with the fat we eat. That type of fat is a necessary part of a healthy diet. When we changed our diet from healthy protein foods, to unhealthy processed foods, our body could no longer understand our food. Processed foods are alien to our digestive system.  It didn’t take long for us to get addicted to processed foods.  Today our food addiction makes us eat twice the amount of food our body needs.
  • More questions about how to lose body fat!

  • how to lose body fat

    How to lose body fat!

  • But where does all that body fat come from?   Only our body can create body fat.  It takes all the carbohydrates we eat and convert them to glucose.  Glucose is liquid sugar.  It is the fuel our body uses when protein foods have provided us with energy.  If we don’t get enough energy we can’t burn all that fuel we accumulate.   Our body is not equipped to store excess glucose.  It is forced to convent it to body fat.  In other words; the more carbohydrates we eat the fatter we get.

Human beings require protein foods, natural carb foods and edible fat.  How we combine those foods determines if we’re living a healthy life.  So the question is, how to lose weight for good and achieve a long term, healthy lifestyle?

how to lose body fat

How to lose body fat?

To lose weight for good,  we must first cure our food addiction.  That’s what creates hunger pains, food cravings and binges.  Once the addiction is gone and we stop craving processed foods, we can begin to starve our reserves of body fat.   The fact is, we are not meant to be fat.  Our body is not built with room to store body fat.  Till forty years ago, most people were lean and healthy.   Our body does not adapt, it evolves.

A clear explanation of how to lose body fat has been buried under a mountain of misinformation!


bad carbohydrates

bad carbohydrates

how to lose body fat

How to lose body fat!

Why did almost everyone have high cholesterol?   It was the method of testing.  All the tests were wrong.  But it took 30 years to reveal that to the public.  By then, more than 60 % of the population had a food addiction and obesity statistics were skyrocketing. Why is the food industry not making processed proteins?  Protein foods are not suitable for manufacture.  To date, products are limited to beef Jerky and pork rinds.  They are no competition to potato chips.  To the food industry, protein foods are not profitable. To our body, the most important food is protein foods.  It dominated our diet for centuries.  Protein foods were called ‘the building blocks of life’.  That’s because protein  builds and repairs our skin, bones, muscle, tissue and organs.  This cannot be done by carbohydrates.

It can be hard to learn how to lose body fat

No one has ever stopped to ask: “ Are processed foods safe for our body?”  To this day, all ‘claimed’ research about processed foods, has come from the food industry. No legitimate tests or trials have been done with real human beings, by real scientists.  It has never been proved that processed food is safe for human consumption.

How to lose body fat is not a hopeful dream. It’s a vital necessity!

how to lose body fat

How to lose body fat!

how to lose body fat The heavy, processed foods we eat are killing us.  Our diet consists of more than 60% manufactured processed foods.  These fake foods did not even exist till the 20th century. Our body has not evolved to digest fake foods.  Our digestive system is identical to our distant ancestors.  We do not adapt.  We evolve.  Evolution takes a very long time. We force food into our body that it hasn’t evolved to process.  It is food that is highly addictive.  The food industry expects us to pass our food addiction on to our own children and we do!  But you can stop that in your own family. Common sense should tell us that when a food rolls off an assembly line,  is not real food.  Today we may appear different on the outside.  But inside we are the same people who emerged from the last ice age.  Our body does not adapt – it evolves. The food industry, like the tobacco industry, have more in common with Colombian drug lords than with legitimate business. They foster and promote a food addiction as dangerous as drugs, tobacco and alcohol.   They have become too big for governments to handle. They know once people are happy with a lifestyle, the last thing they’ll look for is a lot of boring facts that contradict it.  One thing that needs no explanation is that twenty years of low carb foods and low fat diets have produced the greatest ever number of fat people. We have a sugar addiction that affects 60% of the population. An obesity epidemic is a fact.  An epidemic of Diabetes type 2 is waiting around the corner.  Clearly the low fat, low carb message has some serious flaws.  The food industry has created a mountain of misinformation. It is produced in their in-house “research” facilities.  From there it filters down to their sales force of nutritionists and other diet “experts”.  They have developed the most profitable, far reaching addiction in human history.

body fat

body fat?

The fat we call body fat, that sticks to our tummy hips and thighs.  Clogs our arteries and settles around our vital organs does NOT come from the fat we eat.  It is manufactured by our own body. Hence the name “Body Fat”  It’s is converted from the excess carbohydrates we eat and don’t use for energy.  Your carbohydrates have to go somewhere. Your body is forced to convert it to body fat.The more excess carb foods you eat the fatter you get!

body fat

body fat?

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