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Food Pyramid Exposed at Last!

Food Pyramid!

the original food pyramid

The original food pyramid!

The  food pyramid.  The food plate.  And all other diet standards. Are a directive as to the types of food we must eat.  They all have one thing in common.  They are not created for the benefit of human beings.  They are created for the benefit of:  The diet industry.  And self-elected diet experts.  Diets are not, and never will be.  Suitable for human beings. Our body was not designed for diets.

The food pyramid has proved the most destructive diet of all!

We need a pyramid of natural food

We need a pyramid of natural food!

How do we know that?  Easy!  Human beings do not adapt, they evolve.  When our ancestors walked out of Africa 70,000 years ago, they brought along a diet that evolved with them.  It continued to evolve as the the human condition changed.  The diet was based on foods nature created to suit our metabolism and digestive system.  This was natural evolution. It never ceased till around forty years ago.  That’s, when vested interests decided to take over from nature and begin to produce products that would replace nature’s own food. How did they accomplish that?  They convinced us to reverse our traditional, natural diet.

I know, you are wondering why we would agree – right?

The Food Pyramid was not, and never has been about health, diets and your welfare.

The food pyramid was a way to generate money and influence.  Always for the welfare of the diet and food industries.

the food industry

The food industry!

The manufactured food industry wanted a bigger share of the food market. They were not content with a few cereal products.   But they were inhibited by a population steeped in a natural diet their grandma had taught them.  A diet based on protein foods.  Protein foods are generally not suitable for manufacture.  The only notable exceptions:  Beef Jerky and Pork Rinds. You do not build a multi-national conglomerate on that.

By luck or coincidence.  A media scare campaign suddenly raised an alarm about a new health issue.  It was called cholesterol.  Doctor’s were alarmed.  As people rushed to get tested, it soon emerged that just about everybody had high cholesterol.  Understandably, this caused a panic.  It also initiated a world-wide, media scare campaign.  Again, as luck would have it; a new diet had just been invented. It was designed specifically to cure high cholesterol.  It became known as the food pyramid.  Probably due to the poster that promoted it.  Millions of people abandoned our natural foods, through fear, coercion and self preservation.

the diet founded on a scare campaign

The diet founded on a scare campaign!

To the food industry, this was a dream come true.  They could now produce and endless variety of packaged, processed foods.  Not just for every meal but for every snack in between.  What they could not have foreseen. Well, let’s hope they couldn’t!  Was that the human body was not designed to process fake food products.  Gradually, people developed food addiction.  Most evident was sugar addiction.  But even bread addiction became common. Pasta soon became the new cuisine.

The more our food addiction became obvious, the more health orientated the food industry became.  They had the perfect role model.  The tobacco industry.  An industry that has been able to legally promote an addictive dangerous substance with impunity for a hundred years.

How do I know all this?  I was there on the fringe of events that made it all happen.  Despite the fact that I was very suspicious of diet experts. I trusted my doctor when he said that my test results would force me on a diet, probably for the rest of my life.  He referred me to a dietitian, who had carefully worked out a diet for me.  She called it the 3 to 1 diet.  3 carbs serves to every protein serve.  Simple right?  In other words: The food pyramid.

the fraud that built the food pyramid

The fraud that built the food pyramid!

But I didn’t realize this right away.  It took me twenty years to work it all out.  To cure my addiction. To lose the weight.  And to finally recover my old, healthy lifestyle.  I felt a moral obligation to share my knowledge.  I was particularly motivated to do so. When, a few years later.  I learned that the big cholesterol emergency had been a complete fraud.

Every test conducted over a period of thirty years, was completely wrong.  Instead of obtaining the hdl ldl ratio. The 2 results were simply added together.  it proved a bonanza for the packaged food and diet industries.

It defies logic that this could go on, for so long, without raising a red flag somewhere.  I shrink with horror when I read that mandatory school lunches are now based on the new food plate.  I recognize the food plate.  It is just like my old 3 to 1 diet. Whatever they call it, it is still the food pyramid and the food industry ‘experts’ are still in charge!

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