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Healthy Lifestyle News – NEVER Told!


Healthy Lifestyle News!

healthy lifestyle news

Healthy lifestyle news!

Healthy lifestyle News helps keep us up to date

In the late seventies healthy lifestyle news was all about amateur theories and experiments.  Healthy lifestyle news became a new playground for people who wanted to be quasi medical ‘diet experts’ on health food.  Till then, we relied on the lifestyle we inherited from our parents and the traditional health food we learned from our grandma.  But that all changed.

Our natural healthy food, was never of interests to science or medicine.  It had been with us for eons.  Nobody ever thought to examine it.  least of all, change it.  Not till the 1970’s.  That’s when every man and his dog had a theory about something. We thought we knew better than nature.

Healthy lifestyle news V dieting!

Some people were eager to establish a niche on the fringe of medicine.  They wanted a ‘profession’ without having to study for a medical degree.  They decided that changing our natural healthy food to a modern new diet was a good start.  They looked at our healthy food.  it was based on protein foods and natural carbohydrates.  They flipped it upside down and ‘voile’ they had a new diet based on carb foods and very little protein foods.  But they went a step further.  Instead of natural carbohydrates, they included around 60% of unnatural, processed foods.   Instead of foods created by nature.  We got foods processed in a factory.

If we keep up with healthy lifestyle news, our body will adapt- Right?

Wrong, our body never adapts.  It evolves.  Evolution works in eons, not decades!

healthy lifestyle news

Healthy lifestyle news!

There was no healthy lifestyle news. No alarms or cautions from the professions.  Nobody wondered if a diet, that had evolved with us for centuries, could safely be changed from natural foods, to human made foods.  Although our traditional diet had evolved with us for centuries.  Nobody had ever studied it to determine if it could safely be changed.  Possibly because it was never expected to happen.

Science and medicine have rarely paid attention to our diet unless there were signs of an illness like diabetes.  Their lack of interest continued.  Even after unqualified people set up business on the fringe of medicine and began to promote a new healthy diet.  They established themselves as ‘Nutritionists’ (meaning experts on food). 

Healthy lifestyle news became the new playground for every amateur food and diet expert on the planet!  The aim was to replace our traditional foods with new human made foods.  No one raised a hand to ask: Was this safe for our body. Would it suit our metabolism and digestive system? Was it prudent to discard the food groups our body had grown accustomed to for generations?  Most people were cautious though.  They held off till the famous media scare campaign about cholesterol began.

Only then did people rush to have their cholesterol tested.  It soon became clear that almost everybody had high cholesterol.  This caused a panic.  Soon we learned that the modern new diet had been specifically designed  to control high cholesterol.  It was the only known ‘cure’.   (Who knew!)  For obvious reasons, the new diet became known as the food pyramid.  We learned that almost everybody had high cholesterol.   Only the food pyramid, with all those fake processed foods, could stabilize cholesterol and keep it normal.

What was the worst outcome of all this?  Maybe the fact that no science was ever involved in creating the modern new diet. It was just a simple reversal of our traditional foods.  The suggestion that the diet would cure cholesterol problems was nothing but a sales gimmick.  No science was ever involved in creating the food pyramid. In fact, no genuine science has been involved in any diet.  Diets are not natural to our body or to our behavior.

It was always a given that healthy lifestyle news was based on our traditional food.

The sudden change meant that our metabolism and digestive system became starved of protein foods.  At the same time, it was forced to accept and process fake, manufactured carbohydrates.  This was something Mother Nature could not have anticipated.  Did this radical change finally alert the institutions of science and medicine?  Nope!  They seemed oblivious to any potential danger.  They had no qualms about unqualified people, making quasi medical claims about ways to control cholesterol problems – that did not exist.  The deafening silence sanctioned the elimination of our traditional diet.  To this day, no legitimate research has ever verified that dieting is safe for the human body.

healthy lifestyle news

Healthy lifestyle news!

It is reasonable to wonder what eventually made people in their millions, who had never dieted before, and didn’t need to diet.  Suddenly switch to a modern new diet that brought a complete change to all past, accepted, healthy lifestyle news. It was an age when anything new and modern was automatically considered superior.  But even that would not have caused the huge numbers of perfectly healthy, mostly slim people, to give up the diet grandma taught them.  The only diet they had ever known.

One word sums up what finally caused a dangerous diet to be adopted as the only healthy option for millions: –  ‘Cholesterol’.

Cholesterol had been virtually forgotten by science and medicine.  Till Nutritionists began to promote it.  It was the perfect tool to build credibility for their niche.  Their food pyramid quickly became known as the only cure for cholesterol problems.  This was more advantageous than they could ever have hoped for.  Because, just about everybody who got tested, had dangerously high cholesterol.

The new food pyramid quickly became the standard diet in most households.  In fact, it was the only diet, till it became clear that we were all getting fat.  By then it was too late.  Diet experts appeared everywhere with diets that that would cure our weight problems.  We were getting fat because we were eating too much.  And we were eating too much because we were addicted to our food.  Specifically; manufactured, processed foods.

But Nutritionists finally had their credibility.  The general belief was that they had discovered cholesterol and saved thousands of lives.  In all that excitement, nobody stopped to wonder how the human race had survived for centuries with cholesterol apparently running rampant.  It took thirty years to solve that riddle.   Today we know that cholesterol problems were not a health issue, it was a test result issue.  To correctly measure cholesterol results, the hdl ldl ratio has to be determined.   That never happened. Instead, in laboratories across the world, they added the numbers together.  This guaranteed a high reading for everybody.

Thirty to forty years ago, the majority of people were slim and healthy.   Today we have an obesity epidemic.  More than sixty percent of people have weight problems.  Twenty-five percent of people are obese, and diet related diabetes type 2 is reaching epidemic proportions.  In the past, few people, if any, would have considered a diet.  Today there are very few people, if any, who haven’t dieted at some point.  It is estimated that obesity will be a reality for 86% of the population by 2030.  That should be a sobering thought to us all.

healthy lifestyle news about food addiction

So why, when many people already know the truth, do we still diet and get fat?  The fact is, we are still eating the wrong food because we are addicted to it. We can’t stop eating and drinking it.  The addiction is kept alive by sugar, pasta, bread and other addictive carb foods.  Food addicts keep the food industry alive and thriving.  Just as smokers have done for the tobacco industry.

Till we acknowledge the addiction,  we cannot expect to cure it.  Until we cure it, the obesity epidemic will continue to grow.  Diabetes type 2 will keep spreading.  Heart disease, colon and bowel cancer will continue to fill our hospitals and cause fatalities.

The only ‘expert’ advice we get, comes from ‘research’ by the same people who caused our food addiction in the first place.  That is probably the ultimate irony!

The one thing we appear to have lost along the way is common sense. We need to have confidence in our body’s innate ability to control our weight.  Our metabolism used to do that job till we ruined it.  Mother Nature did not design us to be addicted.  We were not meant to diet. Nor were we meant to get food cravings or binges.  Our body is not meant to get fat.  That should be obvious to anyone.   We need to come to our senses and stop listening to bad information and silly diet talk.  We need to listen to our body. Only then can we cure our sugar addiction, or pasta addiction etc and return to a healthy lifestyle our body can understand.  Making friends with our own body should be our priority.

Today entire industries are founded and built around processed foods.  Apart from those who are addicted to food.  The last thing anybody wants is a cure for food addiction.  Its very existence is denied and the words are carefully avoided.  Instead it’s called an obsession. A food disorder.  Anything that suggests a mental disorder, as opposed to food addiction, which is a physical disorder.  For forty years, food addiction has been fostered and promoted by a ruthless, grubby food industry.  Their latest ploy is to suggest low carb foods.  That’s like telling a smoker to switch to a low tar cigarette, or a heroin addict to switch to cocaine.  The only relevant healthy lifestyle news is, you don’t manage an addiction – you cure it!  Find out more here: 

Healthy Lifestyle News

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