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Healthy foods to eat? What are they?

Healthy Foods To Eat!

healthy foods to eat

Healthy foods to eat!

As we get older, what are healthy foods to eat become less about fashion and more into quality of life!

healthy foods to eat

Healthy foods to eat!

The right healthy foods to eat, becomes what’s important.  We begin to realize that good health is not a given.  We start to think about the things we don’t want.   Like;  Osteoporosis, obesity, or diabetes type 2.  We don’t want to join the obesity statistics.  And we don’t want to get old.  Not if it means becoming forgetful, or forgettable, or worse, -invisible.   In essence we would like to avoid change. But we recognize that change can keep us young.  It’s often the path that leads to a more interesting, fulfilling life.

What are the right Healthy foods to eat ? They are not always what we expect!

But they are more often an unexpected pleasure!

the right healthy foods to eat

The right healthy foods to eat!

The right healthy foods to eat are the same foods our grandmas used to tell us to eat. They are flavorsome protein foods like meat, poultry, game, fish, seafood and eggs.  They also include natural carb foods.  Like fresh produce, such as vegetables, greens and low sugar fruits,  like berries.  It is brain food that keeps us physically and mentally active and fit.  Nobody wants to end up with a muddled mind.

What is a muddled mind?  It’s the mind that can only focus on one thing at a time.  It agonizes over missed appointments or commitments and then forgets why!  it makes promises and forgets to keep them.  It’s the mind that forgets new names and faces, yet remembers exactly where it was on a certain day in 1963 and the faces of those who were there.  A muddled mind will find it painful to realize an error, but can easily forget about it.  There are those who can’t maintain focus and gradually descend into chaos.  As the memory goes, so does the memory of it. Nature is kind that way.  Nobody wants a confused, muddled mind, when the right food can ensure it doesn’t have to happen.

healthy foods to eat

Healthy foods to eat!


So what are the wrong healthy foods to eat and what do they do?

The not so healthy foods to eat

The not so healthy foods to eat!

Does any of it really Matter?  Should we need to justify how we live, the types of food we eat, what we think and what we forget?  Of course not.  That’s one of the benefits of growing old.  We have nothing left to prove, and no one else cares anyway.  So when we tackle something new in life, it’s because we want to. We do it for ourselves.  There is something very satisfying and fulfilling about that.  The important thing is not whether we have all our faculties, but whether we think we do.   Because if we think we function really well, then we probably do.

The thing to remember is that we all get old and the quality of our life as we age, depends large on the quality of the live we live while getting there.  If we continually nourish our body with foods it doesn’t understand.  We now know that this tends to lead to food addiction.  It will not only shorten our life, it will severely damage the quality of that life.  We will be exposed to serious diseases we would otherwise avoid.

The right healthy foods to eat keep us young and happy!

the right healthy foods to eat

The right healthy foods to eat!

A muddled mind can be a hook on which to hang our “I don’t wanna do’s”, like  “I’m too old”, “I’m not ready for that” or “it’s not convenient right now” .  A muddled mind has earned that privilege.   But it should never be an excuse to withdraw from life, to disconnect from loved ones or to become overwhelmed with apathy, disinterest or indifference.  We may have traveled most of the journey, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Meet  smart, interesting people. And share some good old fashioned food for the rest of the ride!   Facing the future with a positive, healthy mind requires positive, healthy actions.  Below, I offer a suggestion along with my help.  It save me from a twenty year struggle with obesity.  Finding the right healthy foods to eat became part of my salvation.   Click below and take a look.

Get a quick weight loss that won’t come back!

The right healthy foods to eat will make that journey unforgettable!

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