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What Are Proteins v Carb Foods?

 What Are Proteins?

what are proteins

What are proteins?


what are proteins

What are proteins!

The answer to; what are proteins.  Has been misrepresented for forty years.  Every effort has been made to confuse us.  And to make us mistrust.  Even ignore, protein foods.  Vested interests have worked hard.  The goal?  To suppress the value and importance of what are proteins.  It began with A fake alarm about cholesterol.  This was supported by a huge, media scare campaign. It drove millions of people to get tested.  Unbelievably, most of us proved to have high cholesterol.  We were coerced, frightened and bullied. Into abandoning our traditional, natural diet.  A replacement diet was quickly readied. It became known as the food pyramid.  It was hinted that science was behind it.  It later proved to be something very different. An expedient reversal of our natural diet.  Instead of a diet of natural foods.  We had to adapt to a new diet.  Based on fake, processed foods.

We witnessed an average size industry.  Change from a few breakfast cereal companies. To a mega multi-national food industry.   The food pyramid, had forced us to replace our protein foods. Instead, our body had to adapt to unnatural, processed food.  That’s despite the fact. That the human body does not adapt. it evolves.   This has led to a food addiction. It causes food cravings and constant hunger. This has led to an obesity epidemic.  But what is even worse.  It has triggered a new disease called diabetes type 2.  Our diets have started to kill us.  During the forty years that these events took place.  Not a single, qualified person. Has publicly questioned what was going on.

what are proteins

What are proteins?

There has been one exception or sorts.  Around 10 years ago.  It was discreetly revealed that every cholesterol tests.  From around the world.  were incorrect.  Instead of gauging the HDL LDL ratio. As they do today.  They added the numbers together.  This virtually guaranteed a high reading.  This time there was no media campaign.  If not for the internet. We would barely have heard a mention.  But the food industry has not given up.  They have a legion of food addicts devoted to their products.  Like the tobacco industry.  They muddy the waters.  They make sure that enough misinformation. Is available to addicts.  To keep them happy and addicted.   Even now, after forty years. They still work at recruiting new addicts.  How? There are constant whispers. That too much protein is dangerous.

So what are proteins?

Proteins are the building blocks of life.  Without them we cannot exist.  Pure protein foods come from meat, fish, poultry, eggs, seafood. There are other foods we call high protein foods. Like nuts, avocados, and hard cheese.  There is reason we don’t get processed proteins.  There is no money in it.  Proteins are not suited for manufacture.

Since we began to diet.  The first, and longest surviving diet.  Has been the food pyramid.  It is hard to believe.  But in the course of just forty years. The Food Pyramid has been unmasked and exposed.  It has been discredited and buried. In this author’s memory, at least four times. That’s an average of once a decade.  You cannot keep a bad diet down. Especially when it supports a food addiction.  You can change the name to ‘food plate.  But the product remains the same.  It is still addictive.   And it still props up the entire food industry.

what are proteins

Our body understand’s what are proteins!

Unfortunately, we are not as clever as our body.  For example: The popular cereal breakfast.  It is ruining the health of our children.   Today it’s common to see obese children.  Diabetes type 2 is now also affecting children.  Neither was even heard of just twenty years ago.  Schools are adding further danger to kids. They allow the food industry to design school lunches.  Sugar addiction has become common.  It’s found with both adults and children.  The seriousness of this is best realized.  When we know that an addiction to food is dangerous. It is on par with drugs, tobacco and alcohol addiction.

what are proteins

What are proteins?

We seem proud of the ‘healthy foods’ we eat today.  Yet, they have nothing to do with health. Or a healthy lifestyle. Or bringing up healthy kids.  Or providing the energy. And good health to live longer.  It has everything to do with balance sheets. The bottom line. And the guaranteed profits, assured by an addiction.  The food industry has copied the tobacco industry:  They have set up in-house ‘research’ facilities.  They produce a constant flow of misinformation.  They claim their products are healthy.  And they deny they are addictive.  The tobacco industry did the same. They got away with it.  They are still in business.  So why not the food industry?

What are proteins about?

They are NOT not about science or health. The’re about business, politics and making money!

food industry


What is rarely mentioned.  Is that obesity and diabetes type 2 in children. Are rapidly approaching the adult figures.  In other words.  All that diet talk.  All the diets and dieting.  They were never about our health. Or a leaner body.  Or about developing a healthy lifestyle.  It was always about the food addiction.  And the processed foods that make it possible.  But what is so terrible about The Food Pyramid?   It enabled the food addiction.  It was the deceptive vehicle. That made processed foods. The prime health food. It diminished. And at times, almost eliminated protein foods. It forced us to disconnect from our body. Forget our natural instincts. And turned us into food addicts.  We will never know. How many deaths are as a result of the food pyramid.

When we began to diet bad things began to happen.  People began to get fat.  Our health deteriorated.  Our children grew up with  protein deficiency.  The damage to our kids becomes more evident every day. Kids should start the day on energy food.  That can only be protein foods.  Carbohydrates provide the fuel. But the fuel can only be used. When protein foods give us the energy. If our body has no energy.  It converts the fuel to fat.  To benefit from school work. Kids must start the day with energy. That means protein foods.  Yet, we send them to school on energy draining cereals.  And with a brain too fuzzy to learn.  To say sugar, of any kind.  Has a health value. Is ludicrous. To advise families to feed their kids  on fake carbohydrates.  it’s not just reckless. It really should be against the law. It won’t just make them fat.  It will shorten their lives. At the extreme. And it can kill them.what are proteins

 What if we lack enough carbohydrates to get the needed fuel?  Our body will then convert some proteins and fat. We have witnessed that happen countless times. Eskimos do it all the time.   Our body can only use the amount of fuel. Necessary for energy. Our internal system can’t store glucose. If we don’t promptly spend it for energy, our body has no alternative. It stockpiles it as body fat.  Processed carbohydrates cause obesity in children and adults. Add to that: Heart disease, bowel and colon cancer. Obesity also leads to diabetes type 2.  Our diet experts. And the foods they recommend are slowly killing us.  They’re robbing our children. Of a long healthy future. By hiding the importance of what are proteins.

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