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Live Healthy Without Dieting!

Live healthy!

how to live healthy
How to live healthy!

  We all want to know how to live healthy.   But a healthy lifestyle can be interpreted in a hundred different ways.  There’s  one thing we can all agree on.  A a healthy lifestyle is only possible if we eat the right types of food.   But here is the problem: What are the right types of food?   That depends entirely on who you ask.

If you ask a scientist, who studies human evolution. He or she will be familiar with the traditional foods that evolved with us and will answer:  Protein foods and natural, unprocessed carbohydrates.  If you ask medical doctors, they will all agree that protein foods are our traditional food.  But unless there is a diet related medical issue, they really don’t want to know about dieting.  If you ask food manufacturers, they will say that human made, processed foods are an essential part of the human diet.  It should be the basis of any healthy diet.  If you ask diet experts; they will usually agree.

how to live healthy

How to live healthy!

how to live healthy

How to live healthy!

Ironically, the one person we never ask – is ourselves.  More specifically our own eternal body.  Yet, that should be the first place we check to learn if we are well, if we are sick and if we are eating the right types of food.  After all, it is our body that has to process the food.  It’s the welfare of our body that determines our health, weight and energy.  If our body is not happy with our choice of energy food.  If it has difficulty, or can’t process those foods, then we know we are not eating the right types of food.

How to live healthy with the right food choices!

How do we know when our body is unhappy with our food choices?  We know when we are forced to visit the local pharmacy to pick up one of the countless remedies for digestive or intestinal complaints.  We know when we begin to get fat.  And when we realize we are addicted to sugar.  We will know for sure when we learn we have heart disease, diabetes type 2, or we are in need of a  colonoscopy.   Our body tells us in a dozen different ways, the right energy food it wants. But we stopped listening long ago.   It used to be normal to know and understand your own body.  We live in it every day.  To say we don’t understand how it feels and what it does. Well, that’s like saying we don’t understand how we think and what we do.  We are our body.  If we don’t understand it, nobody else will.  We have been brainwashed to believe that only a diet expert knows the right types of food.  They get their quasi science and misinformation from cereal manufacturers.  Do they know your body?

how to live healthy

How to live healthy!

 Part of learning how to live healthy is learning to understand your own body!

It was created hundreds of thousands of years ago.  It does not adapt to new diets.  Least of all to foods it has not evolved to process.  It has a metabolism and digestive system.  They used to work in harmony to keep us slim, fit, healthy and happy.  But like all of nature’s best work.  Although it is perfect and has been tried and tested for centuries.  There will be someone, somewhere just itching to fiddle with it and make it better.

It is nor surprising that somebody would want to change our natural diet.  But it is surprising that we would let them!   If you would like to know the story of how that happened.  The truth about our natural food.  Why people in their millions were driven to change the types of food that had sustained us for centuries.  And the reason that makes it almost impossible for us to make friends with our own body.  Follow the links at the end of this article to get the full story .

how to live healthy

How to live healthy!

How to live healthy and safe!

We have been reprogrammed by the cereal, snack food and diet food conglomerates.  We are driven to eat the food they manufacture.  Natural foods are losing the battle.   Why can’t we stop it?  We are addicted to it.  Everybody knows, the best product in the world is an addictive product. The tobacco industry and Columbian drug lords can vouch for that.  We have been passing our sugar addiction on to our children for at least a couple of generations.  It’s what the industry depends on.  Only we can change it, at least in our own family. We are what we eat and nowhere is that point better explained than on this video;


Sugar addiction and all the other carb food addictions, did not have to happen.  It is too late to hope to cure the world.  But we can at least cure this terrible addiction in our own homes.  How to live healthy is not a mystery. It has become a tragic farce!  Find our more: 

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