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High Protein Diets! 3 Big Secrets!


High Protein Diets!

high protein diets

High protein diets!

Why are  high protein diets necessary?   The answer is, they are the building blocks of life.  The human body depends on high protein diets to survive and thrive.  Proteins grow and repair our bones, skin, muscles, tissue and vital organs.  We get all our energy from high protein diets.  Carbohydrates merely provide the fuel.  Should you run out of carbohydrates.  Your body will use Protein foods or fat.   The fact is:  Human beings cannot exist without high protein diets.

why are high protein diets necessary?  Here are 3 big secrets!

high protein diets

High protein diets!

 1. Protein foods are the only healthy foods we literally cannot live without!

Why are protein foods necessary in day to day life?  When little Johnny falls off his bike and scrapes his knee.  His body relies on his protein foods to mend it.  When you trip and sprain an ankle, it’s your protein foods that come to the rescue and mend the bone.  When you enter a contest that requires physical strength.  Protein foods will provide the necessary energy. Without protein foods we don’t exist.

 2. High protein diets contain NO SUGAR!

According to current obesity statistics, 60% of the population is obese.  This is expected to reach 86% by 2030.  This is clear evidence that we are eating the wrong types of food.  Processed foods, particularly sugars, are ‘foods’ our body doesn’t understand.  They make us fat.  They undermine our health and shorten our life.  Till forty years ago, we followed a traditional diet.  It was based on high protein foods, with added natural carbohydrates. Dieting was for sick people.  The vast majority of people were slim and healthy.  Ever stop to wonder WHY!

3. Protein foods are the only healthy foods that give us energy!

What makes high protein diets so necessary?  Many things.  Our body understands protein foods.  It know how to treat it.  Our digestive system responds to protein efficiently.  Our metabolism is energized by protein foods. That means it can do its job:   What is its job?  To control and balance our weight.  That was never meant to be our job.  Are high protein diets essential?  Make no mistake.  Your life depends on them.

So why are high protein diets essential?

The fact that we even have 3 secrets about high protein diets. Tells us something very disturbing.   They are secret because they are a dangerous to the food industry.  They are the only foods guaranteed NOT to cause an addiction.  You need to learn how the body works.  Unless you know why high protein diets are necessary. And how the body works.  How can you defend yourself and your children.  You are up against mega corporations. They have produced a mountain of misinformation.  It helps keep you addicted. And it guarantees you’ll pass it onto your kids.

High protein diets are necessary for energy!

high protein diets

High protein diets!

High protein diets are not only necessary.  Without them, our strength evaporates.  Our brains become dull.  And we lose our energy.  I know you believe carbohydrates give you energy.  That’s because an entire industry. Along with grain growers and diet experts. Depend on you believing that.  Carbohydrates are associated with your energy, the way gasoline is associated with your car.  It is used for fuel.  You can fill your tank with fuel. But neither you, or your car are going anywhere. Not till you have the energy to get behind the wheel and drive.  if you don’t use the fuel in your car it goes bad and becomes useless.  Your body just becomes sluggish and obese.

What if you run out of carbohydrates for fuel?  In today’s food environment, that is highly unlikely.  But should it happen your body will convert your proteins, or fats into glucose.  Glucose is the fuel that runs our body.  Think about this for a moment.  If your body decides to burn fat instead of protein.  It will eliminate some of your stored body fat.  That’s the fat you have been trying to lose by dieting.  The fat that always comes back.  Which way would you rather lose your fat?   Stop eating processed foods.  And give your body a chance to burn some body fat.  Or battle with yet another diet.  Maybe you find all this hard to believe?  But ask yourself, how have Eskimos survived for centuries without carbohydrates?

Are high protein diets essential?

To fight the manufactured food industry.  You need the right ammunition.  Knowledge is that ammunition.  It is knowledge that is now crucial.  Not to the few.  But to more than sixty percent of the population.   These are people already addicted to sugar and well on the way to obesity. You know what they say about a secret –  once you know it, it becomes patently obvious.  You and your family will not be safe. Not till you know the right types of food for your body.  Look at it this way; If your body is not happy with the types of food you eat.  How can you be?

A Healthy  lifestyle  was never meant to include a diet!

high protein diets

High protein diets!

Our body is not built for diets. We do not adapt to pasta, sugar or bread. Simply because we develop a taste for it.  Or because we begin to get sugar cravings.  We do not adapt to new foods.  Our body evolves. From the beginning, as it evolved. Our diet evolved with us.  Evolution does not happen in decades, it evolves over eons.   Mother Nature always provided for us.  But she could not anticipated that we ‘d go into competition.  That we would begin to process and produce our own types of food.  Fake foods, that bear no relationship to real food.

Why did people do that?  There is no money in nature’s food.  When we create our own types of foods.  We build industries and develop endless product lines.  This is the foundation of growth and progress.  When we make products we make money. Unfortunately, some people will use any resource.  That includes other people’s health and the future health of their children.  Because when it’s all said and done.  The way the food industry is founded. It is dependant on our addiction to their products.   To get the full horrible picture.  Just think of the tobacco industry.

Are high protein diets necessary for a healthy lifestyle?

the food pyramid

The food pyramid?

Our body does not adapt. it evolves.  Nature didn’t expect us to create our own foods. And our own famines.  It did not expect us to bypass our metabolism. And starve ourselves to lose weight.  We call them diets, not famines.  But to our body, there is no difference.  It’s programmed to recognize and respond only to famine.  Our body has had eons to evolve a response to famine.  It slows our energy and prepares to store body fat. When the famine is over. The body is ready to go to work.  It begins to restore every ounce of fat we have lost.  It then adds a little extra fat.  That’s to protect us against the next famine.  The more we diet, the fatter we get!  That’s nature in action!  There is not a diet in the world that can change it.

Secrets can seriously hurt ordinary people like us.  And at the same time.  They can build huge industries.  And massive profits.  All   for the benefit of corporations and shareholders.  As an example, look at the tobacco industry.  How many people have they destroyed over the past 100 years?  During that time. How many stockholders have profited.  And grown rich on the back of millions of smokers. Victims of an industry that still preys on our children today.

Are high protein diets necessary to life?

Evolution takes eons, not decades.  Forty years ago some people had an idea.  If  they reversed our traditional, high protein diets.  They could offer a completely new way to eat.   It was more fitting to the modern, cool world of the 70’s.  And it meant they could control our diet. Through a series of events. Including a huge media scare campaign about cholesterol.  They were able to lend authority to the new diet.  They promoted it as the only cure for high cholesterol.  It caused a massive media scare campaign.   Eventually, millions of people were forced onto the knew diet.  It was diet comprised of more than 60% manufactured food.

High cholesterol

High cholesterol?

It became known as the food pyramid.  Thirty years later we learned there was no epidemic of high cholesterol.  Just an incompetent method of producing the test results.  But by then, it was too late.  The majority of people were  addicted to processed foods.  That may be why the mistake became a very low key revelation.

Why are high protein diets necessary?

People make mistakes and often, other people pay for them.  You need to know that each time you diet, you’ll add a little more fat to your body further down the line.  With each diet, your body becomes more skilled at holding on to the fat.   You are locked in battle with your own body.  The ultimate winner is a foregone conclusion.  You can’t beat nature. A big part of the secret of high protein diets, is this: The fat you store on your body does not come from the fat you eat.  Your body is a mini processing plant.  It separates the protein foods. It sends them off to repair your skin, mend your bones and build your muscles. 

The carbohydrates, – And sadly they make up the largest part of today’s  foods, – Are processed into glucose.  Our body cannot store glucose. So if you don’t spend it on energy.  Your body will store it as fat.  Good or bad, all carb foods are converted to glucose.   Glucose is liquid sugar, skillfully manufactured by your body.  It is the fuel you use for energy.   Today we use way more carbohydrates. Than our body can hope to burn for energy.  Since it has no provision to  store glucose.  It is forced to convert it to  body fat.  That’s the fat that sticks to your belly, hips and thighs.

Why are high protein foods necessary?

high protein diets

High protein diets!

For around 70,000 years our diet was dominated by high protein diets.   In the late 70’s, Protein foods became dominated by newly invented, processed carbohydrates.   Foods we now know are addictive.  For the first seventy thousand years.  People needed a lot more energy to survive than we do.  Despite limited resources. They had enough energy to survive and thrive as a species.  They were able to hunt and gather their food . And had the strength to fight off large predators.  A healthy diet today. Is made of many times the amount of food our ancestors needed.  Since we have the same body. And eat as much as a small tribe. That tells us a lot.

Today we are being brainwashed with pseudo science. Fake information and misleading facts.  All in an attempt to keep carbohydrates in a position of supreme importance. Well ahead of crucial protein foods.  Yet we call it a healthy lifestyle.   Our diet lacks high protein foods and saturated fats.  This is evidenced by an explosion in obesity statistics.  We are beginning to see morbidly obese children.  And  a fast developing epidemic of diabetes type 2.  We cannot afford NOT to learn why  high protein diets are necessary!

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