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Reduce Body Fat For Good!

Reduce Body Fat!

 reduce body fat

Reduce body fat!


body fat

How do we reduce body fat. Virtually everything we are told about fat is false.  It is also self serving.   Entire industries are based on low fat products.  Yet, the fat we eat has nothing to do with the fat that makes us fat.  Low fat products are not only unhealthy. They are bad for our health.  They contain dangerous elements like trans-fats, colorants and chemical salts and sugars.It is called body fat because only our body can make it!  The fat we eat does not make us fat. It is a lie perpetuated by the manufactured food industry.  They manufacture and sell low fat products.  They don’t want anything to interfere with that.

The fat you eat is digested and processed through your digestive system like any other food.  Body fat has a very different origin.  It is fat that has been manufactured by your own body. To do that, it uses all those excess processed foods that you are not able to burn for lack of energy.  You see, your energy is produced by protein foods.  Carb foods, whether processed foods or natural foods, merely provide the fuel.

reduce body fat

Discover how to reduce body fat!

Body fat is made from the processed carbohydrates you eat, but don’t use for energy. The only way to reduce body fat is to burn it, by using your energy.  But that won’t begin to happen as long as you continue to store excess carbohydrates.  The quickest way to lose weight is to cut out the processed foods that make you fat.  This will force your body to use the existing body fat to burn energy. Here is how it works:

The carbohydrates  you eat, whether it’s a bowl of pasta, a bread roll or a cookie.  They all get equal treatment.  Your body breaks them down and converts them to glucose.  To your body, the only difference between carbohydrates, is how difficult they are to break down and process. Glucose is liquid sugar.  It is the fuel that drives your body.  Imagine this; you put fuel in your car. Then get behind the wheel and wait for something to happen.  Unless you switch on the ignition and push the pedals, you won’t be going anywhere. Your body is that kind of machine.  It will only burn the amount of fuel you spend on energy when you actively use it.   If you don’t use your body much, you won’t burn much fuel.  The fuel you don’t spend is converted to normal body fat and stored on your body.

reduce body fat

Reduce body fat!

How to reduce body fat?

That’s the kind of fat that sticks to your tummy, hips and thighs. It clogs up your arteries and nestles around your vital organs.  It will cause obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease and cancer.  It also causes sugar addiction and other carb food addictions.  It makes a healthy lifestyle impossible. Processed carb foods are as deadly as any drug  – and the addiction is contagious.  How?  Our diet becomes our children’s diet.  If we are addicted to sugar and other carbohydrates, so is the rest of the family.  Carbohydrates are also linked to Alzheimer’s disease, and more recently, Premature Ageing.  So what does it all mean?

How to reduce body fat requires that you know the right kind of fat!

When we consider today’s lifestyle, very few of us, spend anywhere near the energy that is needed to burn our daily use of processed carbohydrates.  Is it any wonder we are all getting fat?   You must learn to understand our 3 main foods:

reduce body fat

Reduce body fat!

1. Protein foods: This is what your body actually DOES need.  Today, most people don’t get enough protein.  Yet, to our body,  it’s the most important food of all. Particularly for growing children.  Why?  It builds and repairs our skin, bones, muscles, tissue and organs.  It provides us with energy.  It is both healthy and versatile.  It will even convert to glucose should your body need it for fuel. Without protein foods we Don’t Exist.

2. Digestible Fat: The Fat we eat, is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It insulates us against the cold and it stops us feeling hungry.  What it does NOT do – is make us fat.  That job is reserved for what we call body fat.

3. Carbohydrates: They have only one purpose. They are processed by our body to become the fuel that drives our energy. Our fuel is called Glucose.  It’s usually created from carbohydrates But can also be made from protein or fat.  Glucose  is liquid sugar.  It has no nutritional or other value except for fuel.  How can it?  Glucose is pure sugar. There is nothing healthy about sugar. Only our body can create body fat.  The glucose we don’t burn, is converted to body fat.

That’s why we can say: Excess carbohydrates = Body fat!   One thing you should know about carbohydrates.  We can live without them!  We have done so numerous times in the past.  The Eskimos have done it for centuries.  The only people who cannot live without carbohydrates are the people who profit from them.  Like the food industry, who promote processed foods that cause a food addiction.  And the people who use those products for endless new diets.

reduce body fat

Reduce body fat!

These are the only people who can’t live without carbohydrates.  They do all they can to make sure we can’t live without them either.  For that they rely on our food addiction.  It’s hard to cure an addiction.  but it’s even harder to cure an addiction nobody wants us to know we have.

reduce body fat

In today’s world, Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are difficult to obtain from fresh food.  That is, unless we happen to live where the produce is harvested.  By the time food reaches our plate there is very little nutritional value left.  This has given rise to a huge health food industry where vitamin and mineral supplements and compounds, make up the short fall. This is convenient for the food industry who can now talk about a protein cereal.  Truly an oxymoron in any term.

Fake processed foods are generated daily by an industry founded and dependent on an addiction.  Just as we have learned from the tobacco industry. Self-interest will stoke the fires of addiction. Even if it means misinformation, based on lies and deceit.  We can’t cure the world, but we sure can cure our own families.  We can cure our sugar addiction, our pasta addiction and our addiction to snack foods and fast foods.  Our motivation should be the fact that this will eliminate weight problems forever.  Nobody wants or needs body fat, but to eliminate it, there are some things we have to know and do.  That’s why it is so important to know the facts about how to reduce body fat.


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