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What Is Carbohydrate?


What Is Carbohydrate?

what is carbohydrate

What is carbohydrate?

What Is Carbohydrate If Not Our Energy Food?

A lot of false claims revolve around what is carbohydrate.  We all see it; on TV,  in magazines and on the Internet.  The truth is;  Carbohydrates don’t actually produce energy.  They merely provide the fuel.  If you don’t start the day with plenty of energy producing protein foods, you won’t have the energy required to use that fuel.

protein foods

Protein foods!

what is carbohydrate

What is carbohydrate?

How critical are carb foods to a healthy diet?  It depends on the types of carb foods.  Natural carbohydrates, the kind that nature provides are healthy foods.  As long as we eat with caution.  For example, most fruits have a high sugar content and should be eaten in moderation.  The carbohydrates we call processed foods are only of value to the food industry that manufactures them.  They earn their profits on products they have created, that cause food addiction.

 Processed carbohydrates are not only unnecessary to the human diet, they are proving to be highly addictive.  You find that hard to believe?  The fact is, processed foods did not exist till the Twentieth century.  If processed carbohydrates were necessary to our health we would not have survived the previous 70,000 years without them.  Today, about 60% of our diet consists of such processed foods.  They have become irresistible and we can’t stop eating them  But that’s because we’ve become addicted to them. Once we are addicted, we are no longer in control of our appetite.

A Video About What Is Carbohydrate!

What is carbohydrate and what if we don’t get enough?

what is carbohydrate

What is carbohydrate?

If your body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates for fuel, something that is very unlikely.  Your body will simply convert fats or protein to glucose to use instead.   That is what the Eskimos have always done.  There is no situation where you can be short of fuel, unless you happen to be in an real famine.

what is carbohydrate

What is carbohydrate!

In today’s world of diet talk and misinformation.  There are several reasons why you may not be getting enough proteins.  And that IS dangerous.  Without protein foods, you will not have the energy to use the fuel you get from your carb foods.  There is only one thing your body can do with glucose it doesn’t burn.  That’s to converts it to body fat.

So what is body fat?  It is the fat that makes you fat. It sticks to your hips and thighs.  It clogs your arteries and nestles around your vital organs.  It must not be confused with the the fat you eat and digest.   Body fat has everything to do with food addiction.  The addiction makes you hungry.  It stimulates food  cravings and your eating gets out of control.  The more processed food you eat the more you crave and the fatter you get.  Only your own body can make body fat.  It makes it from the excess carbohydrates you eat.  They get converted to glucose.  But your body cannot store excess glucose.  So it converts it to body fat.  The more excess carbohydrates you eat the fatter you get.

What is carbohydrate to our body?

what is carbohydrate

what is carbohydrate

What is carbohydrate!

There are two kinds of carbohydrate.  The kind that nature provides in abundance. And the kind we get from factories and processing mills.  Given that the human body does not adapt, it evolves: What do you think your body prefers?

Carbohydrates do not contain health benefits that can give us energy and strength. They are just our body’s preferred source of fuel.  But to burn fuel we need energy.  That we can only get from protein foods.

When we send our children off to school on a big bowl of breakfast cereal, we are sending them off, loaded with  fuel, but without any energy to spend it.  Do you honestly think that puts them in the best state of health to benefit from their learning opportunities?  Children need a lot of protein foods.  Learning What is carbohydrate is irrelevant to their health and their learning.

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