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Types Of Food Our Body Wants!


Types Of Food!

the right types of food

The right types of food!

the correct food pyramid with the right types of food

The correct food pyramid with the right types of food!

The right types of food  for our body. – What are they?  Everyone has an opinion.  Could this be you?  You gain some  weight.  You think you need a diet.  Or maybe a fitness program.  Deep down you must realize a healthy lifestyle is impossible.  Unless you eat the right types of food.   By that I mean the right types food for your body. Not just for your taste buds.  These days, they are rarely the same thing.

What if I told you you don’t need a fitness program to lose weight. And the very last thing you need is a diet.  That’s if we are talking about a weight loss that lasts forever.  Isn’t that the only weight loss that counts?  To lose weight for good. You need to lean a few new things.  You need to reconnect with your body.  You need to learn the types of food it understands. And can easily process.  The next step is to cure your food addiction.

It may be an addiction to sweets, or to pasta.  Perhaps you need bread with every meal.  If you have a need for a food. And you can’t resists it.  You have a food addiction.  The first thing you need. Is to make friends with your body.  You can the learn to cure your food addiction.  You need to accept that however much you want them to.  Diets don’t work.  They can’t cure your addiction.  And they can’t give you a lasting weight loss. Why?  Your body won’t let them.  It hasn’t evolved to understand diets.  It responds to famine.  That’s something your body is pre-programmed to manage.

 As soon as your body deems the famine is over.  It begins to recover every once of fat you have lost.  What can you do to prevent that?   You can’t stop nature.  But you can cure your food addiction.  By doing that, you weight will disappear naturally.  How can you believe that?  Simply by understanding that till forty years ago.  It wasn’t normal to diet.  It was normal to be slim and healthy.  It was rare to see fat people. More often than not. They were people who had an illness.  Like an under active thyroid, or diabetes type A. 

The fact is; To balance your weight naturally, you need the right types of food!

the right types of food

The right types of food!

For our body to lose weight on a diet, naturally.  Our internal system would need to be adapted. Obviously that’s not possible.  Our body does not adapt, it evolves.  Evolution takes eons.  Our body is simply not able to adjust to a diet.  The only reference it has is famine.  When you begin to diet.  Your body slows your metabolism.  It prepares to store fat.  And as soon as you return to normal.  Your body begins to restore the weight.

It will eventually recover every pound.  It will then add an extra layer of fat.  That’s to protect you against the next famine.  If you have been on more than one diet you will have experienced exactly that.  You will know that diets don’t work for long.  But it’s human nature to think, “Maybe this diet will work”.  We want it so badly.  We may even think; “I know the weight will come back, but I’ll face that problem when I get there”.

I know this is not what ‘diet experts’ will tell you.  But then they are not concerned with the inside of your body.  That domain belongs to legitimate medicine.  Diet experts can tell you what to eat. They just can’t tell you what the food does to your body, or what you body does with the food.

The right types of food are grossly misrepresented in our diet today!

the right types of food

The right types of food!

Diet experts make their diet ‘story’ fit. That’s to present a version of our body.  That matches the ‘benefits’ of their diets. Before I explain why the weight will always return, let me first assure you that you are not meant to be fat.  None of us are.  We are simply eating the wrong types of food.  By wrong I mean foods that our body has not evolved to understand.  Foods it cannot process.

So what are the right types of food?

As we evolved over the centuries.  So did our traditional diet.  Forty years ago we were under pressure. We were pushed and coerced. To abandon our traditional diet.  It was done with a phony media scare campaign.  it was all about cholesterol.  We replaced our old traditional diet. With what we know toda as The Food Pyramid.  It was supposed to cure high cholesterol.

Those who changed our natural types of food should hang their heads in shame.

the right food

The Food Pyramid was in fact a simple, expedient reversal of our traditional diet.  Nobody even thought to check if this was a safe thing to do to our body.  The Food Pyramid exists to this day.  But is has been by thousands of similar diets. All based on the same principals.   Not one diet has ever been scientifically tested.  We have no proof that diets are safe for our body. The question has never been asked!

Every day we put demands on our internal body.  To most of them, It has no programmed response.  That’s why you need to understand your own body.  And learn what it expects from you.  You are the only friend it can hope for.  The welfare of your internal body.  Should be more important to you. Than your physical appearance.  It has far greater bearing on how you look to the world. How long you will live. And how fit and healthy you’ll be for the rest of your life.

Most people believed that the modern new diet offered superior types of food supported by science.

If we are really honest with each other.  We know this is not true.  How can fake, processed food be superior to fresh, natural food.  I’m sure by now you have experience several diets. You must be starting to suspect that diets don’t work?   You have just not had an opportunity to look further.  To learn about the right types of food.   You will learn how it works here:

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