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The only Weight Loss Foods That Work!

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Most people today are very confused when it comes to finding the weight loss foods  that actually work.  That’s because we have lost our natural connection to our own body.  Our basic instincts no longer include intuitive eating.

Till Forty years ago, we had only the weight loss foods that had evolved with us from the very beginning.  Intuitive eating was as natural as scratching an itch. .  Today many people believe that a diet will get them extreme weight loss.

In the past there were no weight problems to speak of.  Diets were for sick people. The vast majority of people were lean and healthy.  They were more than happy with the healthy, natural weight loss foods available in abundance.


So what changed?  Our daily diet changed.  It went from around 70-80% fresh natural diet. To more than 60% of unnatural, fake processed food.  The change was engineered by a fake media scare campaign about cholesterol.

This drove people to virtually reverse our natural foods.  We began to add fake manufactured foods that were said to cure high cholesterol.  It wasn’t long before we began to notice that people were getting fat.  An obesity epidemic was looming.

Today more than 60% of the population are seeking advice on how to stop overeating.  Most will not be satisfied with less than an extreme weight loss.  It is tragic because it didn’t have to happen. Nobody is born to be fat.

Yes, there is no doubt there are babies now being born fat.  But it is not a genetic condition.  They are born with an addiction unknowingly passed to them by their mother who has never been told that her obesity is a symptom of food addiction.

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It is even more tragic that people continue to seek a diet for a weight loss solution.  A weight problem is only a symptom of something far more serious. –  Food addiction.  Until we cure our food addiction, not even an extreme weight loss will work.

The weight will always return and always with a few extra pounds.  The more we diet the fatter we get. That’s because  weight problems are a symptom of food addiction.  In other words; diet don’t solve a weight problem, they just delay it.

The weight will always return and always with a few extra pounds.  The more we diet the fatter we get.  Our body does not understand a diet. But it understands a famine.  It responds accordingly by slowing our metabolism.

When the ‘famine’ is over.  Our body will make sure every pound of fat we have lost is duly returned to us for our protection.  That’s because to our body; The fat was lost through famine and must therefore be returned to us. That’s why every diet makes us fatter.

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