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Weight Loss Foods That Work!

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Learning what are weight loss foods depends on who you ask. Diet experts have a vested interest in promoting manufactured foods.  But most of us simply follow the latest big new diet.  The fact is; our body does not like diets. Not only doesn’t it like them. It doesn’t understand them and cannot process them.  In other words we are forcing it to process the wrong food.  This is a very serious matter, because it has led to a food addiction.  An entire processed food industry has developed which is totally dependent on getting as us all addicted.



When we hear words like sugar addiction and food compulsion we tend to think of it as something benign and relatively harmless. But there is no such thing as a harmless addiction.

Once an industry has become dependant on an addiction, just like the addicts it creates, it loses it’s moral compass. It becomes about creating ever more products and addicts.

Look at cigarette addiction. For years we were told it was harmless.  We believed it because we were addicts and felt threatened.  The same thing now happens with processed food.

Deep down we know these foods can’t be good for us.  We are getting fat and lethargic. Many of us suffer from diabetes type 2.  We know we risk heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.

But the only voice we hear is our inner voice telling us: I don’t really eat that much, I’ve cut down on this and that. My weight problem is genetic. I just like something sweet occasionally.

Nobody can lie to us more effectively than ourselves.  None of us are silly enough to believe that a sugar addiction is harmless. Or that we are quite sure we were born to be fat.

The only weight loss secrets that we should learn and listen to are from the only source that can tell us the truth: Our own body.  It is not designed to accept modern, processed food.

Our digestive system is ancient.  How can we expect it to accept food it has not been designed to process.  If it could adapt to new food great! But it does not adapt – it evolves.

Evolution takes eons not a few decades.  Our ancestors that left Africa 70,000 years ago, may have looked a little different on the outside. But inside they were exactly like us.

Had they been subjected to the “food choices” we use today it is doubtful we would survived as a species. At least get the facts and know how to save yourself and your family.

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Not all fruits are healthy fruits. Not all food is making us eat too much.  If we eat the food our body wants,  we will stop overeating. Healthy lifestyle habits are learned. We are not born with them.

You can get the facts here:


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