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What Are Carbohydrates?


What Are Carbohydrates?

what are carbohydrates

What are carbohydrates?

what are carbohydrates

What are carbohydrates?

What are Carbohydrates?  It depends on who you ask.  ‘experts’  talk about simple and complex carbohydrates.   Both are composed of units of sugar.  Research suggests that sugar is as addictive as Cocaine. The differencebetween the two, is how many sugar units they contain, and how they link together.  The sugar units are converted to glucose which is liquid sugar.  That’s the fuel we use when we have the energy to burn.  Our health and energy comes from protein foods.  Carbohydrates, like processed foods, can only supply the fuel.

To the question; what are carbohydrate?  This is the only answer that counts!

There are only two types of carbohydrates that matter.  1. Good carbs and 2. bad carb.  Good carbs are the carbohydrates produced by nature.  They cannot be created in a factory or processing mill.  They are harvested and brought to us as fresh produce.  Bad carbs are manufactured, processed foods.  they are produced by the food industry.  They are alien to our body and have caused a food addiction, an obesity epidemic and a new disease called diabetes type 2.

The food industry, spends a lot of money and effort to suppress the fact that our energy comes from protein foods, and not from processed foods.  But let me draw an example by using your car:  Filling the tank with fuel does not drive your car.  It will just sit there till you get behind the wheel, turn on the ignition and drive it.  Your body is no different.  You can pump up with glucose, but till you get an adequate supply of protein foods, you will not be burning much energy.   We build up glucose, because we are led to believe carb foods give us energy. But all it does is create excess carbohydrates.  Our body can’t store glucose.  It is forced to convert it to body fat .  That’s how we get fat!

What are carbohydrates? Learn more here!



Again we must divide the carbohydrates into 2 types.  First there is natural carbohydrates. They are the carb foods we call fresh produce.  They are grown and provided by nature. Natural carbohydrates have been part of our diet for many centuries.  There is an obvious move afoot, to eliminate natural foods, to make room for more varieties of unnatural, processed foods.  There is a general acceptance of this, because it’s food that can be be mass produced.  This is seen by many as an advantage for the future. This is a short sighted, dangerous view.  What it fails to recognize, is that processed foods are causing a major, food addiction right now.  To date, more than 60% of the population are affected. We are heading for the biggest, most costly health care disaster in our history. We see evidence already with an obesity epidemic and an impending epidemic of diabetes type 2. The only people who benefit long term. Who will come out of it with big profits and a smile on their face.  Is the diet and food industry.

processed foods

Processed foods!

Processed carbohydrates became noticed in the 20th century.  Before that, people got along without them for thousands of years.  The Eskimos have survived and thrived for centuries without carbohydrates.   The human body does not adapt.-  it evolves.  Our body is not compatible to processed foods. That’s not likely to change in foreseeable centuries.  The consequences of having forced our body to process alien foods, can be observed in any food mart or supermarket.  We are getting obese. We are addicted to food.  it makes us constantly hungry.  We get food cravings, sweet cravings  and we can’t stop eating. We eat more than twice the food our body needs.  We are helpless.  In any language, we call that an addiction. Food addiction has caused an obesity epidemic.  It has also caused a condition known as morbid obesity and it threatens an epidemic of diabetes type 2.  Neither of those 2 conditions existed prior to forty years ago when we were coerced to reverse our everyday diet.  According to statistics, 86% of us will be obese by 2030.  Will you and your children be part of that group?



What are carbohydrates for kids?

what are carbohydrates for kids

What are carbohydrates for kids?

As soon as a child is ready for solid food the choice should be natural produce.  It is a sad indictment on today’s culture that we assume it is healthy to send our kids to school on a big bowl of breakfast cereal.  They leave for a day of study and learning.  To sustain them, they have what is equal to a tank of fuel.  Where is the protein foods that give them the focus and energy they need to study and learn?  It won’t be found in their school lunch.  That will be another heavy dose of processed foods. Is it any wonder kids are getting lethargic and fat?  Should we be surprised to learn that diabetes type 2 is now common among children and morbid obesity is not uncommon.  We are suffocating on self-serving misinformation and it is slowly killing us.

People ask what are carbohydrates?

A simple, honest answer is hard to get.  Our internal body deals with two kinds of carbohydrates. 1. Natural carbohydrates. These are foods found in nature, like vegetables, greens and fruits. Our body has had many centuries to learn to process those foods efficiently. 2. The other type of carbohydrates are manufactured, processed foods. These foods have overpowered our diet for the past forty years.  That’s when we reversed our natural protein foods for a diet of 60% processed carbohydrates.   Our body does not adapt, it evolves.  It does not understand the processed foods we eat.  That’s why manufactured carbohydrates have become highly addictive. That is why we have a growing food addiction.

What about carb addiction?

the question is, what is carbohydrate

The question is: what is carbohydrate?

A lot of pseudo science suggests that human beings cannot exist without carbohydrates. History proves otherwise. There have been extended periods where carbohydrates have not been available. Like famines, harsh winters, even an ice age. If you have any doubts, just look at the Eskimoes. Their diet has never included carbohydrates. Yet they are known for their sturdy health and longevity. I’m not advocating you cut out all carbohydrates. Just the ones your body doesn’t want you to eat.  They are fake, processed foods.  Instead eat the natural carbohydrates your body was designed to process.

How Does That Answer What are carbohydrates?

If you are one of the 60% of people already affected by food addiction. Who has serious weight problems and have tried, unsuccessfully, to lose the weight. Then I have bad news. No matter how often and how comitted you are to dieting and exercise. You will keep getting fatter till you cure your food addiction. To motivate you to do that, let me remind you that the food you eat is also the food your children eat. If you are addicted to processed food. So are your children. I have just one suggestion and I urge you to follow it:  Get all the facts. Only then can you make a wise decision. Below is a link to a website that not only explains the facts. It provides a solution. Probably the only solution that works.   Once you know the answer to what are carbohydrates, you will also know what to do! Wanna learn how to lose weight for good?

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