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What Are Carbohydrates?

How Do We Identify What Are Carbohydrates?

What are carbohydrates?

What are carbohydrates?  There are two examples.First we have the carbohydrate foods we call our natural food.   They include all vegetables, nuts and fruits. Any food that grows in nature.  These are the natural foods that evolved with us. They were around 30% of our diet.  Around 40 years ago, we were coerced to abandon it and replace it with a diet that became the  food pyramid. It was made up of more than 60 -70% carbohydrate foods.  Only a fraction of that was natural food.  The bulk of it was manufactured, processed food.  Only 30% of today’s diet is protein.  Yet that’s the food we call our building blocks o flife.  We cannot survive without protein foods.

What are carbohydrates made up of?

what is Carbohydrate!

So what is carbohydrate? and are bad carbohydrates?  Bad carbs are those produced by the food industry.  They are unnatural.  They serve a carbohydrate function, that turns a small amount of fresh natural food into  a huge amount of unnatural, fake food.  That could not happen with proteins foods.  Why? They are not suited for manufacture.  The only exception has been beef jerky and pork rinds.

So what is contained in carbohydrate foods?  Salts, sugars, starches, unknown chemicals, colorants, trans fats and artificial nutrients. It’s a smorgasbord of deadly, addictive substances. These types of food represent at least 60% of what we call a balanced diet.  One thing we can say with certainty: This is neither a healthy or a balanced diet.

The food industry aim to replace as close to 100% of our natural food as humanly possible.  That will give us a diet of  almost 100% highly addictive, unnatural food.  It threatens our very existence.  The food industry is not concerned.  They know addict’s can’t do without their addictive, processed foods.  They are more likely to pass their addiction to their kids, than to expose it.  Today food addiction affects at least 60% of the population.  That number keeps growing.

The food industry is powerful and influential. To the government they are seen to offer protection to grain growers.  That means one less pressure on the government.  And just one of many reasons why we cannot expect intervention.  If you have any doubts, take a look at the tobacco industry.  They have lasted a century and are still in business, largely because of tobacco growers.  Yet they are proven Purveyors of an addiction that has killed millions.


Human beings do not adapt.  They Evolve!   Our ancestors thrived on a diet of mostly protein foods.  It evolved with them over the course of at least 70,000 years.  Around 40 years ago, some people created a modern new diet.  It was different.  In fact, it was an opposite replica of  our old diet.  Instead of a diet of mostly  protein foods.  It became a diet of mostly carbohydrate foods. It was deemed a modern diet, better suited to the healthy lifestyle of the seventies. Processed food was never part of evolution.  It is alien to our body.  It did not exist till the industrial revolution made it possible.  So to claim our body needs it,  is ridicules.  It defies common sense and the law of nature.

 What are Carbohydrates for Kids?

What Are Carbohydrates Function

Processed foods should never be a part of a child’s diet.  Kids should get their carbohydrate foods only from fresh, fruits and vegetables.  Their diet should be at least 60% protein foods. Why? That’s the type of food that builds and repairs their skin bones, muscles, tissue and vital organs.  To deprive growing children of their most vital food is abhorrent.  It happens only because the truth about our normal diet, is drowned in misinformation.  Clearly we must not expose corporate identities, as purveyors of an addiction.  They expect to be anonymous.

Because our traditional food was always natural food, it was never part of the medical curriculum.  Nor was it included in scientific studies. That’s why nobody raised a note of caution about possible carbohydrate intolerance.  It is amazing that a complete reversal of our diet. From protein foods to carbohydrate foods.  Followed by the introduction of fake manufactured food.   Did not ring any alarm bells.  Was this a wise move towards a healthy lifestyle?   Of course not.  The evidence of our foolishness is everywhere!

The Food Pyramid is an example of what are carbohydrates

A carbohydrate definition never mattered.  Not till the cholesterol scare campaign opened the flood gates for the food industry.  Processed foods had always had a very limited appeal.  But now, everybody was a potential food addict for an industry looking to grow.  This did not go unnoticed by people eager to create a niche on the fringe of medicine. They soon introduced the first modern diet. The diet did not have a name yet, but it had a poster.  That’s what gave it the name The Food Pyramid.

There were many people who were averse to change.  After all, they were being asked to abandon a diet that had been a part of family life, for as long as anyone could remember.   To overcome the resistance, it was decided to call the diet “the only cure for cholesterol”.  The media scare campaign did the rest.

People naturally assumed science was behind the diet.   To this day, no diet has ever been subjected to scientific research or human trials.  That includes the food pyramid, which is now survived by its twin, The Food Plate. Nobody imagined that a reversal of our natural diet could ever happen.  So ramifications were not considered.  Nor was it foreseen that the floor space in our supermarkets would one day be more than 60% filled with fake, processed foods.

 Even today diets are of no interest to medicine till they have caused some major damage.  Like morbid obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  Then the symptoms are treated. But the cause tends to be ignored.The combination of the cholesterol scare campaign and the arrival of the food pyramid was potent because it was newsworthy. It was the stuff that makes a great scare campaign.

Soon people everywhere were bullied and coerced to get tested for cholesterol.  But what was beyond belief was that almost everybody proved to have high cholesterol.  30 years later, it was revealed that the test results had been wrong from the start. Instead of showing the HDL LDL ratio. The numbers were added together.

This gave processed foods a free reign for 30 years, to get established and legitimized.  They were able to develop a massive base of addicted customers.

 Another version of what are carbohydrates

it's important to know what are carbohydrates

It’s important to know what are carbohydrates!

So did the food pyramid cure cholesterol?  No, but it may have caused it.  Food addiction did not exist till people began to abandon the traditional diet.  Soon people in their millions began to get fat and started to diet.  The obesity that followed became an epidemic.  A new disease called Diabetes type 2 appeared.  It promises to be the next big epidemic.

The once fledgling cereal companies began to expand and grow.  They added new varieties of sweet cereals and other products. They were soon joined by other giants like snack food manufacturers. The result is what we see in our supermarkets today. Endless aisles stocked with packaged, fake foods. Not only are they bad for our body.  Processed carbohydrate foods are highly addictive.

Today we eat twice the amount of food our grandparents did. Not because there is more available food, but because we are addicted to it.  Real food hasn’t changed. But 60% of the food we eat is not real food. This has caused a food addiction.  We can’t stop eating because we are addicted to processed foods. That’s why we are all getting fat.

So what are carbohydrate?  It is either a food made by nature.  Or a product produced in a factory or processing plant. Today it is far more likely to be the latter.  To learn more about what are carbohydrates, visit the link below.     

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