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Compulsive Eating Disorder?


Compulsive Eating Disorder!

compulsive eating disorder

Compulsive eating disorder!

What is compulsive eating disorder?

compulsive eating disorder

Compulsive eating disorder!

According to many doctors and scientists, the compulsive eating disorder we call  food addiction is chemically similar to other substance addictions. In fact, some studies show that food addiction is almost identical to cocaine, alcohol, and heroin in the way the brain responds. Like certain drugs, food can “turn on” the pleasure signals in the brain when a food addict eats. This is especially true when a food addict consumes fast food that might be high in trans fat, salt, simple carbohydrates, or sugar. Processed foods like Sugar and other carbs seem to be the worst culprits. They include those often found in packaged food. They affect the levels of dopamine in your brain, along with a release of endorphins, providing you with a quick “feel good” reward.

Eating disorder!

Does compulsive eating disorder affect our kids?

Compulsive eating disorder affects adults and children.  It is one of the less publicized eating disorders. If you’re a food addict, however, you know it’s real. You’ve probably seen family members and friends struggle with if too. We always hear about eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, but a compulsive eating disorder like food addiction isn’t often in the news.  Yet, it’s surely far more widespread. Doctors are beginning to speculate that most obese people have an addiction to food. In the United States, obesity is a real and growing problem. Recent published figures suggest that two-thirds of the U.S. population is overweight, and that a third is obese. Those are sobering statistics.

How widespread is compulsive eating disorder?

Compulsive eating, overeating, and other types of eating disorders affect a lot of Americans, and that includes people from every walk of life, every educational level, every socio-economic group, and every ethnicity. It even affects children. Are they all food addicts? They might very well be. Can you beat compulsive eating disorder? Yes, but overcoming what is essentially a food addiction is like overcoming cocaine or heroine addiction. It’s a difficult battle. Is it worth it? Of course. it will give you back control of your life and your health. It will free you to focus on things other than food. Believe me, – it’s a fight worth pursuing and it’s a fight you can win.


compulsive eating disorder

Compulsive eating disorder!

Can a compulsive eating disorder be Cured?

Overcoming an eating disorder isn’t easy. Unlike most other addictions, you can’t give this one up “cold turkey.” You have to continue eating in order to survive. Therein lies the difficulty with overcoming a compulsive eating disorder like food addiction. If you’re an alcoholic, for example, you can vow to never drink again. You can avoid others who drink, and you can keep alcohol out of your home. Obviously, you can’t do that with food.

Why do we overeat? It might surprise you to learn that till forty years ago, eating disorders were highly unusual. So were weight problems and obesity. But an unwarranted, media scare campaign about cholesterol, enabled some opportunists to claim they had created a diet to cure it. What they actually did was reverse our traditional, natural foods. Instead of a diet of high protein foods, we were pressed, coerced and pushed into a diet of mostly carbohydrates. This presented an opportunity for processed, fake food to be introduced into our daily diet. It opened the way for new factories and processing plants to start producing endless numbers of new processed foods. These were foods aloen to our body and highly addictive.

compulsive eating disorder

Compulsive eating disorder!

Who Gains From a compulsive eating disorder?

The food industry profits from our addiction every single day.  In fact, without the addiction, it’s hard to see how they would exist.  Why choose carb foo9ds and not protein foods? There’s no money in proteins. The only protein products manufacturers have managed to produce are pork rinds and beef jerkey. Hardly enough on which to base a multi-national food industry. The reason we began to overeat is that we became addicted to the new processed foods. As more and more varieties were produced, more and more people became addicted. The addiction led to weight problems, which in turn led to dieting. To get off this cycle of self destruction we must first cure our compulsive eating disorder. To do that successfully, and lose the weight at the same time, I highly recommend you check out this membership. You’ll have 24/7 support to cure your compulsive eating disorder and eliminate your weight problems for good.

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