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What Is Protein?

About Protein?

what is protein

what is protein to healthy kids

What is protein to healthy kids?

In the past, kids grew up learning the answers to questions like  what is protein?   We learned this from our mother or grandma and the answers would ring in our ears:  “Protein foods grow you bones, your skin, your muscles and tissue, and your vital organs.  You won’t become a healthy grown up without protein foods”.   It was a mantra kids were unlikely to forget. If we fell and scraped our knee, we knew proteins would fix it.  We grew up leaning to respect our connection to our own body.  We knew the types of food it needed. We respected it because we knew our life depended on it.

What Is Protein Used For?

An example of what is protein rich foods

An example of what is protein rich foods!

Protein is our body’s preferred healthy food.  It provides us with energy.  It grows and repairs our bones, skin, muscles, tissue, our brain and our vital organs.  Without it we do not exist.  So how did people in the past, know the right types of food to eat?  The same way we know today when our body does NOT understand the types of food we eat.  It lets us know with heart burn, indigestion, stomach cramps and other signs of discomfort and pain.   When our body is happy, we know it, so we are happy.

Protein foods are necessary for a healthy lifestyle.  it is our ticket to healthy living and our survival depends on it.  Today many people treat their internal body as an inconvenient attachment. We have lost the natural connection had in the past.  Today people think their health depends on advice from a diet expert who knows no more about how the body works than they do.  Nor are they qualified to explain it.  We have been trained to focus on our external body.  Our hair, our skin, our muscle tone and our clothes.  The inside, where all the important stuff happens, has become too boring and complicated.

what is protein

What is protein?

The difference between our food today, as opposed to the traditional, natural foods in the past, is enormous.  Details of the events that  triggered the change can be found on other pages on this site.  The events span a period of around four decades. We virtually reverse our natural,  healthy food.  Today we eat food our body was not designed to process.  Nor has it evolved to understand it.

Protein foods were our traditional, natural foods. They have evolved with for at least  70,000 years.  The sudden reversal of our diet has caused diseases that never existed before. Like Morbid Obesity and Diabetes Type 2.  It has created a huge increased in heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  In a mere forty years. We have gone from a majority of slim, healthy people.  To a majority of fat, unhealthy people.  And very few of us realize why!

what is protein

What is protein!

According to present obesity statistics, 86% of us will be obese by 2030.  And it won’t stop there.  If we insist on our present path, we will eventually send ourselves to extinction.  Am I alarming you?  I hope so.  Because nobody else will.  You see, the right protein foods for our body are the totally wrong foods for business and industry.

They need us to focus on processed foods.  They want to limit protein foods.  They would restrict them if they could.They provide fake research to suggest too much protein is bad.  Why?  There is no money in protein foods.  Not unless we count beef jerky and pork rinds as major, profitable industries. During the forty years since we were coerced to reverse our diet and accept the food pyramid.  Vast conglomerates of multinational food industries have thrived and multiplied.  They develop endless varieties of mass produced, fake food products.  These are not real food and they are highly addictive.  

What are carbohydrates?

what are carbohydrates

The aim of the food industry is to continue to grow their business and profit from food addiction.  They expect us to pass our addiction to our children.  Today, most of us eat the food the industry expects us to eat.  Around 60% of our average diet is made up of manufactured, processed foods.  These are not the natural foods our body understands.  But what’s worse, these foods are highly addictive.  Human beings evolve.  They cannot adapt.  It’s unlikely these types of food will ever be acceptable to our body.

What Is Protein For Kids

what is protein for kids

What is protein for kids?

Protein for kids is crucial.   Without it, their growth is retarded, Their bones are weakened.  their immune system is poor.  Their health will be jeopardized and their life will be shortened.  To send kids to school on a bowl of breakfast cereal.  With a lunch pack of mostly processed foods.  And expect them to grow and to learn.  Well, it borders on child abuse.  Yet, that’s exactly what we did for more than thirty years.  We are paying the price today in morbid obesity and diabetes type 2, even among our children.  To read more about what is protein, click below:

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