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Best Way To Lose Weight! Wanna Know how?

Best Way To Lose Weight!

best way to lose weight

Best way to lose weight!

What is the best way to lose weight?

best way to lose weight

Best way to lose weight!

The best way to lose weight is to make friends with your body.  It will then help you get the fastest, most successful weight loss you could ever hope for.  And the best part?  The weight will never return as long as you remain friends with your body.  Why did we ever stop being friends with our body?  We abandoned our traditional foods.  It was the only food our body understood.  It was the foods that had evolved with us for centuries.  We replaced those food with a large percentage of manufactured processed foods.  These were alien foods to our body.  We made the change based on warnings about cholesterol and on the assumption that the human body always adapts.

The fact is, our body never adapts, it evolves.  Evolution takes eons not decades.  We have paid dearly for our actions.  We have brought on an obesity epidemic.  The threat of an epidemic of diabetes type 2, looms high.  Because we eat daily amounts of what is basically fake food, we have developed an addiction to those foods.  This makes us eat more food that we would otherwise eat.  It stimulates the addiction further and makes us eat even more.  Eventually we go looking for a diet to lose weight.  But diets can’t help us because our problem is not that we eat too much.  It’s that we are addicted to the food we eat.  This causes a vicious cycle of dieting, weight loss, weight gain and more dieting.  We are treating the symptoms and ignoring the problem.

 Best way to lose weight is to learn from our body

food addiction

Food addiction!

An addiction, whether sugar addiction, pasta addiction or any other food addiction, destroys our willpower. It causes dependence. It clouds our mind and ruins our appearance.  Addictive behavior makes fat adults fatter and even worse – it creates obese children.  Unless the cycle of addiction is  broken, we will have no chance of a healthy lifestyle.    As they grow up, children usually develop a  sugar addiction.  This is not a healthy lifestyle for children and tragically, they will eventually pass the addiction on to their own children.  The food industry depends on that!

What is the best way to lose weight for children?

best way to lose weight

Best way to lose weight!

We take advice from those who claim to be expert on the best way to lose weight.  We follow their diets and we pass what we learn along to our children.  We know we are getting fat, but we blame ourselves.  We don’t seem to connect the dots and realize that what makes us fat, also makes our kids fat.  We listen to advice from diet experts and hope it will work.  When it doesn’t work we blame ourselves.  Yet, no diet in the world can cure a food addiction.  After each diet, the weight always returns. It always adds an extra layer of fat we didn’t have before.  That’s our body’s way of protecting us against the next diet.  It responds to diets as it would to a famine.

protein foods. best way to lose weight

Protein foods. best way to lose weight!

The fact is, we are not supposed to diet.  The best way to lose weight is to never diet.   Our body is not designed to deal with dieting.  It is also not designed to deal with foods that contain highly addictive, processed carbohydrates.  We evolved with the protein foods and natural carbohydrates that nature gave us.  Our body evolved to suit those foods.  We cannot force it to evolve on demand, to accommodate foods that come from a factory or processing mill.  Even if our body could learn to process fake foods, it wouldn’t happen in our lifetime.  The evolution of life takes eons not a few decades.

Our once healthy lifestyle was sabotaged by the food industry.  The addiction takes over our life.  It causes food cravings binge eating and constant feelings of hunger.  These are addiction symptoms.  Food addicts plan their day around opportunities to satisfy their symptoms.  Nothing and no one takes precedence.  That’s why, when we are addicted, we so often feel guilty.  In our heart we know this is not right.  But we are helpless victims of our addiction.  Our greatest fear is not that we’ll ruin our life and our children’s life.  We fear that we will somehow be deprived of sugar, or pasta etc. -And we are not ready for that!

best way to lose weight

Best way to lose weight!

The fact is, we will never be ready.  We tell ourselves little lies.  “It can’t be that bad, it’s only a piece of birthday cake”, “everybody else is eating sweets”,  “I can control it and I know when to stop”, I’m expected to eat when I’m a guest”.  No doubt you can think of a dozen other little lies.  But remember: The lies we tell ourselves will hurt US, long before they can hurt anyone else.

But is sugar addiction a genuine addictions?

After all, you just have a sugar thing, or you love pasta, or who can resist a piece of cake?   That’s you addiction thinking for you.  Take control of your life and learn about the best way to lose weight without a diet.

sugar addiction

How did we get to this?  The words ‘food addiction’, are rarely heard.  it is often described as a food obsession or food disorder, but never addiction.  There is a reason for that.  An obsession or disorder is treated as a mental condition that requires  years of treatment and analysis. An addiction is a physical condition that requires a cure.  This represents an immediate threat to the food industry.  It derives all its income and profits from the addiction.

What is the best way to lose weight and cure the addiction?

Any alcoholic, drug, or tobacco addict will tell you that nobody sets out to become an addict.  They have a little taste, they try a little more and it feels, or tastes good.  They can control it and they can stop at any time.  And so it begins.   If this all sounds familiar it’s because these are the symptoms of all addictions.   A sugar addiction, and any other addiction to carb foods, is just as dangerous as a drug, tobacco and alcohol addiction.  It doesn’t just make you fat and addicted.  It causes diabetes type 2, morbid obesity, heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  But unlike any other addiction, food addicts are not pre-warned.  They do not know they are addicted unless someone can point it out to them.   So they don’t have the opportunity to decide on a cure.  And that’s the way the food industry wants to keep it.

kids don't deserve to be addicts

Kids don’t deserve to be addicts!

When we finally realize we are addicted, we tend to create activities that will hide it!  We want to appear normal.  We don’t want any ‘helpful’ comments.  We don’t want “the look”. We want to enjoy ourselves and tackle the problem when we are good and ready.  Everybody has weight problems.  We’ll deal with ours when we are ready to start another diet.  A sugar addiction is no different to a tobacco, alcohol and hard drug addiction.  The symptoms are cravings, withdrawals, binges, depression, nervous tension, headaches and other pains.

Whatever your addiction, it will rule your life.  It will also ruin your family’s  life.  In fact you won’t have a life.  You’ll be too busy thinking about sweets and other food.  you’ll be dreaming about it and looking for opportunities to satisfy your cravings.  How do I know it so well?  I suffered the addiction for twenty years till I realized what it was.  I then found a way to cure it.

Eating healthy is the best way to lose weight for kids!

I know this is not the life you want for your children.  They are helpless.  By the time they are old enough to face the reality of being an addict.  They will have the same dilemma you have right now.  You have an opportunity to break the cycle, save them and save yourself. Once you make the decision and act, it’s really not that difficult.  Think of it; you can cure your addiction and in the process, lose all the weight.  You can be slim and healthy your sugar cravings will be gone – for good.  And you’ll never have to diet again.

food addiction

Food addiction!

When you cure your addiction, be aware that the manufactured food industry have developed a huge world-wide market of addicts.  They are very protective of that market.  They rely on people like you to pass your addiction to the next generation.  That’s how they grow their business.  They have set up in-house “research labs”.  They have copied exactly what the tobacco industry did.  It is how they create the’proof’ that their products are not  addictive.  So don’t get caught up and carried away with ‘expert’ diet talk.  Remember who got you addicted!

Remind yourself that your body is  part of nature.  it evolved over many eons.  The evolution of life included the foods that nature provided for our health and benefit.  Our body does not adapt to new ideas about food. – Our body never adapts – it is locked into evolution.  It has to evolve to accept change. And evolution takes eons.  Not a few decades.  The best way to lose weight is to join our membership.  You can get the details here:

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