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Healthy Living, Who Decides What It Is?


 Healthy Living

healthy living

Healthy living!

 Healthy living today, is a mere catchphrase!

healthy living

Healthy living!

What is healthy living?  Ideally, it should result in a lean health body and a happy, enjoyable life.  But our body is not happy.  After all it has to process our food.  If your body is not happy with your food choices, you shouldn’t be either.  Why? More than 60% of us have become fat and most of us have a sugar addiction or some other form of carb foods addiction.  Drugs, tobacco and alcohol should have taught us that addictions don’t cure themselves.  Instead, they spread and get passed on to the next generation.

This is not what we expected for the dawn of the 21st century.  It is certainly not what a healthy  lifestyle is meant to be.  Not as it is promoted in the press and on TV.  And not as it is promised by experts and governments.

We frequently worry about our job, our health and our kids future.  We expect that.  It’s normal.  But it is not normal to have worry about why we are getting obese and why diets never work for long.  Till forty years ago, weight problems were the least of our problems.  But then we were tricked into changing our traditional food and to accept a new special diet.

Healthy living means being in tune with our own body!

healthy living

Healthy living!

For forty years we have relied on self-elected diet experts to tell us what to eat.  It’s time to admit that diets don’t work.  Not a single diet has produced a permanent weight loss.  if it had, there would be no more weight problems.  You don’t believe it is possible to have a permanent weight loss?  Believe it or not, that was normal till we abandoned our traditional food.

Diets damage our body’s internal system.  The evolution of live did not allow for diets.  Our internal system doesn’t understand diets.  But it does understand famine.   When we cut down on food our body goes into famine mode.  It slows our metabolism and prepares to store fat.  When we return to normal food, our body immediately begins to restore the weight we have lost.  It then adds an extra layer of fat to protect us against the next famine.  That’s nature.  our body is programmed that way and we better recognize it before it is too late.

healthy living

Healthy living!

Forty years ago we began to eat new processed, manufactured food that our body did not understand.  That’s when began to get fat and that’s why we began to diet.  If we want to live a long healthy life, we need to ignore diet advice and begin to listen to our own body.  We may have adapted to new modern lifestyles and foods.  But the problem is – our body hasn’t !  It doesn’t adapt, it evolves and evolution is a very long process.

The people who promote the diets we follow are not qualified to explain how our body works.  They can recommend what they think we should eat.  They just can’t tells us what happens to our body when we take their advice.  The fact is; our body is not happy.  It doesn’t understand our food.

To get a realistic perspective, visit your local pharmacy.  Take a look at the medical preparations that dominate most of the shelf space.  You’ll soon notice that they are concerned with digestive and intestinal problems.  Fort years ago, you would not have seen that.   Ask at any hospital today and you’ll learn that obesity type 2 is nearing epidemic proportions and one of the most common hospital procedures is a colonoscopy.   Neither was heard of forty years ago.

healthy living

We need to stop pandering to fashion foods and to our taste buds.  We need to reshape our lifestyle to conform to the needs and welfare of our own body.  Instead of the latest trends.  That means learning to understand our body and changing the types of food we eat.  Our body is in crisis.  If we are not yet addicted, we soon will be.  If we are not yet obese, we soon will be.  According to obesity statistics, 86% of the population will be obese by 2030.We must come to our senses before it’s too late.  Learn to cure our sugar cravings or whatever other food addiction we cling to.  The upside of doing that will be a rapid weight loss that will last as long as we remain friends with our body.   Surely that’s a big enough reward to make it worthwhile.

What is healthy living if it’s not compatible with our body?

healthy living

Healthy living!

Chances are, if you are addicted, so is the rest of your family.  Your diet is your children’s diet.   There is a huge, international manufacturing food industry  that expects you to get addicted.  They are confident you’ll pass your addiction on to your children.  That’s how their business continues to prosper and grow.

Don’t give into your sugar cravings.  Don’t let uncertainty overwhelm you.  There is a famous saying: We Are What We Think. Never has this been more tested than in today’s world.   The right energy food that conforms to the needs of your body will keep you slim and healthy for life.  But to get there, there will be some obstacles.  Not least, learning how to avoid the misinformation that confronts us at every turn.  It all starts with a proven plan, based on the right information.

healthy living

Healthy living!

This is your new plan for a healthy lifestyle.  It will teach you how to cure your addiction for good.  How to get a permanent, rapid weight loss.  How to understand and make friends with your body. And how to discover what is healthy living without ever having to diet again.

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