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Healthy Meals For Kids!

Healthy Meals For Kids

healthy meals for kids

Healthy meals for kids!

Understanding what are healthy meals for kids, is and should be one of the most serious issues today.It used to be so simple.  But we have changed our diet and our lifestyle beyond recognition. Our own body doesn’t understand it.  And it is seriously affecting the health of our kids.  It is not their fault, but IT IS ours.  It is our responsibility to educate ourselves about the facts.  I have written a review for a site a think has some great information on the subject.   You can find the review  right here:

healthy meals for kids, reallyHealthy meals for kids used to be so easy.

That’s because kids learned from a young age what types of foods were good for them.  They gradually develop the intuitive instinct we all had in those days.  It ensured our body was given the healthy foods it could understand and process.

healthy meals for kids

Healthy meals for kids

We are talking about a time, around forty years ago, when our traditional, natural diet still reigned supreme.    Back then, kids would start the day with a breakfast of energy foods like bacon and eggs and pieces of fruit.  If they could, they would walk to school. In breaks between lessons, they would enjoy active physical games.  After school they had homework, but they still had time for some outdoor activities.  Snacks tended to be fruit.  Their dinner was based on energy producing protein foods.  It was rare to see a kid who was not lean and active, and when we did, it was invariably a kid with serious health issues.

What are healthy meals for kids?

Today we see a very different picture. Kids wake up to a bowl of cereal for a breakfast of virtually 100% carbohydrates.  That means they will not be starting the day with any real energy.  They are driven to school where they meet up with friends and exercise their fingers by exchanging notes and images on their electronic devices. They do the same during breaks between lessons. Their lunchbox, apart from a sandwich, will contain several, packaged snack foods.

When they return home they update their devices between snacking on potato chips or other artificial snacks while they do their homework. They then settle down to play computer games, probably with a couple of snack foods.  Their dinner is likely to contain at least sixty percent carbohydrates.  Physical exercise is almost zero and snacking on artificial, packaged food is almost constant.  That’s not surprising given that it is extremely addictive.

healthy meals for kids

Healthy meals for kids?

Just because kids look healthy does not mean they are.  Health comes from the inside.  If we let our kids eat food their body does not understand and cannot process. We can guarantee those kids are not healthy.  Human beings do not adapt to new food. No matter how good we think it looks and tastes. The fact is we do not adapt at all.  We evolve.  And we have not evolved to eat the types of food our kids eat today.  They are resilient, but the cost will soon be apparent.  The biggest cost is that they are developing a food addiction as dangerous as cocaine.  Think about it:  Do you honestly believe that we can get away with loading our digestive system with artificial, addictive products that may as well be cardboard?

Yet we still call it healthy meals for kids. Do you seriously believe we will get away this?

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