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Foods With High Protein, The Facts!

Foods With High Protein

foods with high protein

What are Foods with high protein?  They are the building blocks of life.  Without protein foods we don’t exist.  They build and repair our body.  like our muscles, tissue, bones, skin and organs.  Today’s food addiction.  is caused largely by misinformation. Particularly about foods with high protein. This has led to an obesity epidemic. An epidemic of diabetes type 2 is not far behind.

Food addiction is caused by manufactured, processed food.  It affects more than 60% of the population. This is expected to reach 86% by 2030.  Food addiction makes us fat and unhealthy. We are unable to take charge of our own body.   Foods with high protein is the solution. We are killing ourselves and our children with food.  Bad, fake processed foods.  They are manufactured worldwide,  in factories and processing plants.  They bear no resemblance to natural food.  That’s the types of food  our digestive system was meant to process.

foods with high protein

Foods with high protein!

We fool ourselves to believe; food addiction is not a real addiction. Not like a drugs, tobacco and alcohol addiction.  We make excuses:  We have a sweet tooth?  Who can resist a bit of chocolate?  Who doesn’t love pasta?  If we are addicted we will try to justify it.  But lets examine the symptoms of food addiction:  They include cravings, binge eating and hunger pains.  They cause withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure and depression.  Anxiety, headaches and various pains are also common.

So what are the consequences of food addiction?  Here are some of the most serious: Morbid obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease, strokes, colon and bowel cancer.  Less serious are Alzheimer’s disease and premature ageing.  They will not kill you, but you may wish they had.  We all want to be healthy.  We teach our children the same values. We trustingly follow the advice of ‘diet experts’ who appear on TV and in magazines and newspapers.  We reason they wouldn’t be there, if they don’t know the facts, Or would they?

Foods with high protein v food addiction!

You don’t need qualifications to claim to be a ‘diet expert’.  Breakfast cereal and food corporations, support many self nominated experts.  Their aim is to bury all information related to our original high protein diet.  They have successfully blurred the facts about what is energy food, and what is healthy food for the body.  High protein foods, are our true energy food.  Carbohydrates can only ever provide the fuel.  Today our diet is no longer about our health or our weight.  It’s about business, balance sheets and the bottom line.  The only health we can link to today’s diet.  Is a healthy food industry that continues to grow and prosper.  All thanks to a food addiction.

Diet experts get their ‘science’ from business. It’s available at in-house ‘research facilities’ in corporate headquarters.  The food industry carries enormous weight with governments.  They have  managed to get control of school lunches.  They demand using processed foods. These are foods detrimental to the health of our children.

Foods with high protein are not addictive.

That makes them unattractive and unwanted by the food industry.  They have the power to make us follow suite.  They promote their lies about foods with high protein. They claim processed carbs are a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.  They claim carb foods are our energy food.  That’s untrue.  Our body converts all carbohydrates to glucose.   That’s the liquid sugar our body uses as fuel.  The only types of food that gives us energy, are foods with high protein.

Foods highest in protein are meats, poultry, fish, seafood and eggs.  There are many other less enriched proteins. But those mentioned are the most important. Till forty years ago. Any one of them would take center place on our dinner plate. Around it would be 2 -3  different vegetables.  Can we live a healthy lifestyle without foods with high protein?  Not a chance.  What about carbohydrates? Can we live without it?  The Eskimos have done just that for centuries.  Our ancestors survived through an ice age.  Before refrigeration: People lived through harsh winters and deadly famines.  Without carbohydrates.  But we cannot live without protein foods.  So how do the Eskimos get their glucose?  The body does not have to rely on carbohydrates for fuel.  It can just as well convert fat and protein to glucose.  It just happens to prefer carb foods when they’re available.

If our body doesn’t have enough energy.  No amount of fuel will get it going.  If we have the energy, but not enough fuel.  Our body will draw on fat reserves or protein.  It will convert it to glucose.  The fact is;  The more carbohydrates we eat, the fatter we get.  Our natural protein diet evolved with us over eons.  It was our traditional food.  It was a diet created by nature.  People knew their food by instinct.Protein foods were as natural as the human body itself.  There was never a reason for a doctor to become involved in our diet.  Not unless it was to manage a thyroid condition,  or type A diabetes.  Diabetes type 2 did not exist till we reversed our natural food.

Yes, it’s unbelievable. But we did reverse our natural diet.  In the late seventies, there was a huge media scare campaign about cholesterol.  At the same time, some people were seeking a niche on the fringe of medicine.  They wanted to be diet experts  They claimed to have perfected a diet to lower cholesterol. The diet became known as the food pyramid.  It was an expedient reversal of our traditional food.  It came with a big poster depicting a (you guessed it) Food Pyramid.  This would have been a good time for genuine experts to take notice and warn the public.

facts on foods with high protein

Facts on foods with high protein!

To this day, nobody has raised a hand in support of our body.  The questions should have been:  Was reversing our natural food.  Food that had been our diet for centuries. A safe thing to do?  Would our body tolerate a diet of carbohydrate foods?  Could human beings live a healthy life without protein foods?   The self-appointed ‘experts’ were quick to say.  The human body always adapts.  The fact is, the human body never adapt – it evolves. And evolution takes centuries, not four decades.

It is time to be realistic. We are getting fat and unhealthy.  We are threatened by fatal, diet related diseases, like diabetes type 2 and morbid obesity.  They did not exist forty years ago.  There is hardly a medicine cabinet in the country. That hasn’t got at least one or two remedies for intestinal or digestive conditions.

What about the cholesterol scare campaign?  That proved to be a false alarm.  But the real tragedy was that it took thirty years to reveal it.  Plenty of time to get a lot of people addicted to processed food.  The news did not instigate a media campaign.  The fact that the tests were all wrong was low key information.  We live in a culture that has degraded our most important foods – Protein rich foods.  Instead they have elevated processed carbohydrates to a kind of health food.   But there is a reason.  To profit from food addiction, food manufacturers  need carbohydrates to be of great importance.

As people become more informed, they put pressure on food manufacturers to produce products they can call healthy food. This is very difficult, because carbohydrates are innately unhealthy.  So manufacturers are forced to toy with the truth. It is reminiscent of the tobacco industry scandals of twenty years ago. The diet and food industries have proved they’ll stop at nothing.  Our own body has ceased to be our own domain.  it is under the management of self-nominated diet experts. Backed by ruthless cereal, diet and snack food industries.

The fact is, we can manage very nicely, without any processed foods at all.  But without protein foods, we will soon become extinct.  It only takes a glance into any local school yard to see why we desperately need to learn the facts about foods with high protein!

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