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Ideal Protein Diet For Weight Loss!

Ideal Protein Diet

ideal protein diet
Ideal protein diet!


How important is the ideal protein diet?

The ideal protein diet. Consists of what we used to call the building blocks of life. Our body needs protein foods. They repair and maintain our body. The basic structure of protein is a chain of amino acids.  Without protein. We cease to exist!”

ideal protein foods
Ideal protein foods!

To grow healthy kids they need an ideal protein diet.  There are still “diet experts”. Who don’t seem to get that. They believe our body simply adapts.  But that’s not possible. The human body evolves. it does not adapt.  Many experts claim we need high carb foods. That these are essential high energy foods.

They continue to promote breakfast cereals as a healthy breakfast for kids.  Yet, cereals are processed carbohydrates. The very ‘foods’, that cause obesity. Diabetes type 2. And other serious health problems.  It leads to food addiction which is the reason it becomes so hard for people to give up their carbohydrates.

processed carbohydrates!
Processed carbohydrates!

What are all those false beliefs we still cling to?

1.Carbohydrates are essential to the human diet!

Wrong:  Throughout history, human beings have often done without carbohydrates.  Times like famines, harsh winters and even an ice age.

2. We need carbohydrates for energy foods!

Wrong: Carbohydrates do not give us energy.  They merely provide the fuel. If we don’t use the fuel. For lack of energy.  It’s converted to body fat. All our energy foods are derived from our proteins.  Without protein foods we have no energy.

processed foods
Processed foods!


3. The healthiest breakfast is a bowl of cereal.

Wrong: Protein rich foods are our energy foods.  A protein breakfast is the only healthy option.  Particularly for growing children.  There is no such thing as a protein cereal.  All cereals are carbohydrates.  What we need for breakfast is energy to start the day. We get that from protein foods.  Only then can we burn the fuel we get from carbohydrates. It is disgraceful to send our kids to school on processed foods.  They offer no health benefit.  They weigh the body down. And slow the brain and makes studying difficult.

4. The need for carbohydrates in our diet is based on genuine research and human trials.

Wrong:  No research or trials have never been used. To test the validity of a single diet. Since diets began.  There is no evidence that a diet is safe for the human body.  It is clear to the naked eye that diets do not work.  Our body won’t let them.

the ideal protein diet breakfast
the ideal protein diet breakfast

Why Are We Not Given The Right Information About The ideal protein diet?

the ideal protein diet
The ideal protein diet!

The answer is simple;- money!  Large, world-wide corporations. Manufacture a wide range of products.  All  based on carbohydrates. Remove the carbohydrates from the products and we are left with a residue of chemicals, food colourings and trans-fats. These products are highly addictive.  They turn us into food addicts.  That’s what keeps the food industry alive and thriving.  They build their fortunes. On the back of our ever growing addiction to food.

But aren’t some carbohydrates necessary to our health?  Throughout history.  Right up till the invention of refrigeration.  People spent long periods without carbohydrates. Particularly in the northern hemisphere.  Times like; famines, long, harsh winters, even an ice age!  Not only did human beings survive. They thrived.  A perfect example of surviving without carb foods. Are today’s Eskimos.

Succeeding with ideal protein diet
Succeeding with ideal protein diet!

 Nature designed our body for the ideal protein diet.

It provided the foods to suit that diet.  It gave us the instincts to recognize the right foods.  But we decided we could do better.  We could produce our own food.  The manufactured food industry. Is like the tobacco industry.  Both rely on an addiction. T profit and prosper.  A lack of protein is very dangerous, especially for children.  It begs the question; how can self-elected experts. Claim special knowledge about the right types of food.  When they have no medical qualifications?  There is no doubt. Many of the ‘experts’believe their own rhetoric.  But where did these self-serving theories originate?

They come from  “Research labs”. Located at the HQ of cereal and snack food corporations. This is where our experts get their theories and sponsorships.  These corporations have the ear of government. They influence the food pyramid.  They decide what foods are healthy for our kids.  They lay down ‘the rules’. And expect us to pass the addiction on to our children.ideal protein diet

Why do so many ‘experts’ choose to promote carbohydrates?  The fact is, there is no money in an ideal protein diet. The only notable exceptions have been beef jerky and pork rinds.  Not exactly soul stirring food.  Carbohydrates, on the other hand, are cheap. They lend themselves to endless varieties of cereals. Snack foods and diet foods.

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the opposite of the ideal protein dietIf you have symptoms of food addiction.  If you have weight problems.  If your children show signs of weight problems.  You need to learn the truth. About the difference between an ideal protein diet.  And the carbohydrates that pass for a diet today.    The human body doesn’t adapt. – It evolves.  Evolution takes eons, not decades.  It’s time we realize that our body is designed for the ideal protein diet.  To learn more about that. Just click here:

From The Centers For Disease Control:

“There are 20 different amino acids that join together to make all types of protein. “


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