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Reducing Body Fat Fast and For Good!


 Reducing body fat!

reducing body fat

The most common result of reducing body fat is that most people do it and most people keep getting fatter!

body fat

Body fat!

When it come to reducing body fat, many people would rather battle with uncomfortable, impractical undergarments. Or struggle with food plans that advocate easy ways to lose weight. Foods we wouldn’t inflict on our animals.  Than face up to, and go to battle with our sugar addiction.   The irony is, that if we do cure our food addiction, we also cure our weight problems – permanently!  So why are we so reluctant to act?.

We need to accept that although we are free to change our appearance every day,  we cannot ever change our internal body.  It is locked into evolution.  It does not have the flexibility to change.  Evolution works in eons, not decades. Our body doesn’t respond to diets as we expect, because it’s unable to distinguish between a diet and a famine.

Reducing body fat requires that you understand your own body and what it needs from you!

Our internal body has remained virtually unchanged for more that 70,000 years.  As we evolved, so did our natural food.  Our body doesn’t have a frame of reference to recognize that

weighing the options

Weighing the options!

sometimes we purposely withhold our food.  The only reference our body has is famine.  That’s why, when we diet we trigger a famine response.  Our metabolism slows down to conserve energy and it prepares to store fat cells. As soon as the diet is over, Our body sets out to recover all the fat we have lost. It even adds an extra layer of fat to insulate us against the next famine.

Our body is programmed that way. It’s called nature.  It is not a matter of finding the right diet, to suit a healthy lifestyle.  Such a diet doesn’t exist.  Our body is not designed for diets.  Before we so foolishly reversed our normal diet, we didn’t have any weight problems.  We also didn’t have sugar cravings, hunger pains and withdrawal symptoms.  That’s because we didn’t have a sugar addiction.  Deep down we know that.  that’s why we are so reluctant to face the truth.

Why is reducing body fat so difficult?

reducing body fat

Reducing body fat!

Our normal diet was always based on protein foods.  They are our most vital food.  When we changed to carb foods, we opened the flood gates to manufactured, processed ‘food’.  Protein foods are not suited for manufacture.  The only examples we see are pork rinds and beef jerky.  Carb foods have been the basis for thousands of processed carb foods products.  These foods are unnatural in nature.  Our body has not evolved to process them.  They have proved to be highly addictive.

Like any other addict, our greatest fear is that we will somehow lose access to our sweets, or our pasta or other processed carb foods.  But we need to remember that our addiction becomes our children’s addiction.  Seeing obesity in children no longer shocks anybody.  Yet it was unimaginable just a few decades ago.  This is an addiction that has already affected 3 generations.  If we don’t stop it, we will eat ourselves to extinction.   Do we really want this for ours and our children’s future? Because only we can prevent it.

So why are we so bent on taking advice from self-elected diet experts.  For the past forty years we have listened to their promise of a healthy lifestyle. We joined their Pyramid diet, then the low fat diet, followed by the balanced diet, and then the low carb diet.  There have been dozens of other diets in between.  The only thing these diets teach us is that the people who promote them are groping in the dark.  The only people they can benefit is themselves.

Their sole objective is to have some kind of diet they can recommend.  The success rate of these diets are never discussed.  That’s because forty years of experience has taught all of us that diets don’t work.  We may lose some weight, but the weight is guaranteed to return.  So we play this ‘pretend game’.  Why are we so timid about learning the facts?

 Reducing body fat is redundant unless we first cure our food addiction.


 body fat


Sure! Curing our addiction is not an easy thought.  But think again.  Once the addiction is gone, so are the cravings, and all the other symptoms that follow.  If you act to cure your addiction, you’ll be amazed how quickly you will begin to feel normal.  Your biggest surprise will come when you realize that as you lose your addiction, you also lose your weight.  You have finally found that easy way to lose weight that you gave up on long ago.  And this time, low fat won’t matter because the the weight will not return!

Cure your addiction to food, that’s the secret to reducing body fat!

The more excess carbohydrates we eat, but don’t use for energy.   The more will be converted to body fat and stored on our body!   Reducing body fat is useless until we cure our food addiction


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