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What Is An Eating Disorder?


What is an eating disorder?

what is an eating disorder

What is an eating disorder?

what is an eating disorder

What is an eating disorder!

What is an eating disorder? It is another word for food addiction. Unlike other types of eating disorders, food addiction has been forced upon us,  by people who seek to profit from it. The eating disorder is given to us without our knowledge and it comes without warnings.  If you feel manipulated and a little afraid of the  food industry. – You should be!  Just remember the shocking behavior of the  tobacco industry!

They swore that cigarettes were safe and that tobacco couldn’t harm anyone.  They got away with that lie for a 100 years.  They had scientific data to prove their claims.  The data came from their own in-house“research facilities”, but people had no reason, to question the data.  Then came the whistle blower, who spilled the beans.  You’ll remember it, because they made a good movie about it, starring Russell Crowe.

The tobacco industry was exposed. Some executives were indicted.  It caused worldwide headlines. But very little action.  A couple of people were rapped over the knuckles, the tobacco industry heaved a sigh of relief and went back to business as usual.  Things soon returned to normal.

Today it is obvious that The food industry has no interest in questions like what is an eating disorder.

what is an eating disorder

What is an eating disorder?

They already know!  They created it.  They would like to banish questions like: What is an eating disorder. They are happy as long as their industry is never linked to the words ‘food addiction’.  They too have in-house research facilities. They claim their packaged, carb foods  are healthy foods.  “They have never heard of food addiction”.  They may suggest how to stop overeating by changing to a low carb diet.  This will have the same effects as a low tar cigarette had on tobacco addiction.   The fact is, we are not supposed to know that the foundation of the entire packaged food industry is designed to  produce products that are highly addictive.  What is an eating disorder? Ask the food industry. They created it.

Video: Why is sugar addiction protected by big business?

Learn more about what is an eating disorder!

what is an eating disorder

What is an eating disorder?

There is no industry more potent than one that can thrive on a legal addiction.  And can coast along on the backs of a legion of unknowing addicts.  An addictive product is the most profitable, reliable product in the world.  Any Colombian drug lord can testify to that.  It has no seasons.  it is constant and produces untold wealth, power and influence.  It guarantees an ever growing market of eager addicts, whose greatest fear is that the product might be banned.  The best protection the food industry has is their addicted customers.

If there was any doubt about that, the tobacco industry would have been banned years ago and tobacco growers would come under the same rules as cannabis growers.  I know! You think a food addiction is not like a ‘real’ addiction, such as a drug addiction.

what is an eating disorder

What is an eating disorder?

Here are the actual symptoms of food addiction, So you be the judge.:   Food cravings, binges, hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, allergies,headaches and other pains.

These symptoms seem an awful lot like those of any other addiction.  Harmless? I don’t think so.  It is normal to feel hungry at regular intervals and to desire the food you are about to eat.  But it ceases to be normal when you start to desperately crave particular foods like sugar. And when you binge on them unable to control the impulse.

Ask yourself; Do i have an eating disorder? What is healthy eating?what is binge eating?  As you ponder those questions. You’ll begin to realize the enormity of this problem and why it is so important you do not pass it along to the next generation.

the food industry

The food industry!

So let’s get back to today’s reality.  A food industry, that happily grows and prospers on the back of  our food addiction. It serves an industry that gets invited to help decide on the governments current food plate.  That is given the opportunity to decide on the types of food our children can eat in school.  An opportunity not even given to parents.

We are helplessly trapped by a food industry that is free to promote an addiction directly to our children

They take it for granted we will pass along our own addiction anyway. After all, our children eat what we eat.   Whether we call it a sugar addiction or a food addiction really doesn’t matter.  Either way, it’s an addiction to manufactured, processed  carb foods.

They are not the foods the human body was designed to process.  Think about it:  The human body evolves, it does not adapt.  From the very beginning it has evolved with natural foods produced by nature.

beef Jerkey

Manufactured, processed foods are not natural foods.  We cannot expect our body to understand them.  It has no way of rejecting the processed carbs food we force on it.  So it has developed an aversion which has has become an addiction.  Bit by bit, we are all becoming victims of a food addiction.

What is an eating disorder like food addiction doing to our health?

Food addiction leads to dangerous diseases like diabetes type 2, morbid obesity, colon and bowel cancer.  What makes carb foods so important to industry?  They are the only food category that lends itself to mass production.

processed foods

Processed foods!

The only examples of processed Protein foods are Beef Jerky and pork rinds.  Carbohydrates on the other hand have produced literally thousands of varieties of fake food products that appeal to the eye and draws in potential addicts.

They include thousands of sweet products that appeal to those who suffer sugar addiction. They also produce salty snack food products, equally addictive. If you are not already an addict – you soon will be.

The third food group, ‘fat’ has been used and abused a little differently.  Apart from butter, margarine and oil, there is not much you can manufacture and sell as a ‘fat food product’.  That market is already covered. But there is one thing you CAN do with fat.  You can demonize it and call it bad, unhealthy fat.  This immediately opens up a treasure trough of possibilities for low fat and no fat products.

what is an eating disorder

The truth is, that for survival, the human diet requires both protein foods and fat.    But that doesn’t matter to multi-national corporations.  they have manage to confuse us about the difference between the fat we eat, which is natural and healthy.  And the body fat, manufactured by our body from the excess carb foods we eat.  That’s the fat that causes obesity and hastens our death.

The food industry is in business to make money, not to protect the public. “It’s buyer beware” as it always has been.  But in this case, make no mistake, manufactured, processed foods are products that put your health, welfare, even you life on the line.

what is an eating disorder

What is an eating disorder?

Food addiction has become the most successful addiction ever. Much of it due to sugar addiction. It already claims around 60% of the population and is still growing. Latest obesity statistics estimate that 86% of the population will be obese by 2030. Sugar addiction, and all the other food addictions, are arguably the greatest threats to our health and longevity, in the 21st century. So far, it has caused an obesity epidemic and an epidemic of  diabetes type 2, is not far behind.


What can we do about it?  Not a lot.  The tobacco industry has survived and thrived for around a hundred years.  The food industry has simply followed what has proved a very successful business model.  They promote their own backroom ‘research’.  They ignore attempts to expose them and they use ridicule when they can’t.

The one thing they will never do, is acknowledge the addiction because that would unravel their business.  Instead, they diffuse any threat to their industry by shifting the blame to fat, or by suggesting A low carb diet.  What is an eating disorder? It’s a secret!  Remember the tobacco industry? They introduced the low tar cigarette.  Both suggestions are equally useless.  But then, they were never meant to be anything else.


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